Nowhere To Go · Random Thoughts


The hubby just bought me a leather bound unlined journal as a belated birthday gift. He said he knew I used to keep one before but that I wasn’t able to follow through with it once I finished my last since real life came bounding along. 

When Rinnah was growing up – I still had a journal then. It was probably my 6th since I’ve been keeping journals ever since I was in grade school. I stopped when she was two or three, I think, since I wasn’t as inspired to write and like I mentioned above – real life came and sucked me in its grasp.

Carlo (le hubby) told me that he wanted me to continue on with writing and with compiling my thoughts and putting them onto paper just like how I used to. His dedication was what touched me most though, since he said that because he isn’t perfect, especially in our relationship, he wants me to chronicle our journey together – as husband and wife, as a family, as parents – through this journal so we would have something to look back onto, the good and the bad. Something that we could laugh about. Something that we could learn from. Something that would show us how we were in life from now till – well, till God knows when. 

He wanted me to write out our story and make it into a book in this journal that is solely for us. 

I like that. It’s funny though because I did start writing yesterday in it and I was writing about how I think I already forgot how to use my hands for writing via pen and paper. Given the onset of technology nowadays and online journals and such as well as blogs – it was such a novelty for me to be able to write using my hand again and with a pen on paper. 

I think I would make it into an everyday thing. Even if I need to jot just one sentence about my thought for the day – I’ll do that. 😊

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