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The Photographer: A Novel

The Photographer used to be a fanfiction initially written on Wattpad where the characters are based on Richard and Nicomaine (known as the tandem – AlDub in Philippine Showbusiness). It is now a full published novel.

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โ€œStand there, please. Just like that, thanks,โ€ he ordered her, not making any eye contact as the latter tried to do her usual pose for the magazine. โ€œBlower – I need it on yesterday! Goodness! There, thank you!โ€


โ€œCan you put your hand under your chin? No – the other one. Yesโ€ฆ Like thatโ€ฆโ€


โ€œTilt your head to the right. A little bit moreโ€ฆ Stay right there. Thatโ€™s perfectโ€ฆโ€



When your past comes back to haunt you through the lens of your camera – do you put it down and turn away, never to look beyond? Or do you do what any photographer should do when faced with such a dilemma – you click on the shutter and hope to God that the photo would come out better than before?



Ruth Medina-Ilasco, The Photographer: A Novel

All Rights Reserved / Copyright 2018

276 pages

ISBN 9781980925446

Language: English

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