About Ruth

fullsizeoutput_a02aRuth Medina-Ilasco is a full-time, work-from-home mom to two kiddos and one pup, who goes back and forth between calling Boise, Idaho in the US of A and Manila, Philippines, her home. She loves coffee, loves to travel, loves to take photos, loves to write, loves to read and loves movies.

She’s a self-published writer, who writes simply because she loves to write and has been writing ever since she was but a wee little child. Plus, there are too many voices in her head overlapping one another, (that needs to be quieted), that tell her to do so (otherwise, they won’t let her rest until she writes what she needs to write). She is currently working on another book which she hopes she can publish soon. Really soon.

And so, she writes. Whatever comes to her mind, she writes. Whatever the voices whisper in her ear, she writes. And as long as the voices do not disappear and are never appeased – she will continue on this writing journey until the end of time.

Email​: ruth.ilasco@icloud.com
Website​: http://ruthmedinailasco.com
Twitter​: http://twitter.com/wuthie16
Instagram​: http://instagram.com/wuthie16
Facebook​: http://fb.me/ruthmedinailasco


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