The Trouble With Men

Co-authored with four other lovely authors from the SweetBooks Writing Group (see below for complete list of authors). Also available via Kindle and paperback. To purchase, please click on the following links:



MATERICA (Paperback only available in the Philippines):


They’re either smother-them-with-kisses hot or kick-them-on-the-nuts annoying.

Seriously, how much trouble are these men?


The Cheating Scamp

What is the best way to get back at your two-timing boyfriend without going to jail? Denise discovers this and more as she goes on a short road trip with her reluctant (alright, forced!) sidekick, Gabriel. Will she succeed in her mission or end up throttling her quietly disapproving partner-in-crime?

The Argumentative Prick

Sarah has had it with her argumentative yet delectable boss, Lucas. She already wants to quit and just call it a day – regardless of not having a job at the end of it all, if it will give her peace of mind. But would Lucas even accept her resignation when he has an agenda of his own?

The Perfect Guy

The perfect man – a hunk whose eyes never stray to other women, one who willingly watches chick flicks and goes shopping with you – does he even exist? For Cass, he does! But is Brian, her husband, as perfect as he seems or is there something more than meets the eye?

The Pompous Sod

A headstrong, independent and pure-of-heart woman, Alyana goes on the defense as she goes on a battle of wits with her ward’s father, no other than Prince Nicolas. If the self-righteous prince thinks he can easily intimidate Alyana with his glowering good looks, he is in for a big surprise.

The Arrogant Ass

Even fairies could face man-trouble. Ready to prove that she has moved on from her self-absorbed ex-boyfriend, would Lizzie finally find Mr. Right or will this be another disaster in the making?


Get to know how our awesome heroines deal with these troublesome men in S.W.E.E.T. Books’ anthology, The Trouble With Men.+++


Copyright © 2017 SweetBooks

“101 Ways to Cut a Dick” © 2017 by Mayumi Cruz

“Arguing With the Boss” © 2017 by Ruth Medina-Ilasco

“Perfect Match” © 2017 by Cathleen Jimenez

“The Royal Nanny” © 2017 by Loise Lynne

“Eureka After a Bottle of Vodka” © 2017 by Katie Velez

All rights reserved.

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A5, full-color cover, 135pp

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