My Brother. The Writer.

Check this out.  My brother wrote a short essay about the Poverty going on in the Philippines.  And I must say – it’s quite a good read and something that must be taken to heart. 

And without further ado –

        Rich people live in luxury. They eat at 5-star restaurants with the best cuisines in town, sleep on king-size beds, and live in a mansion or better yet, a manor. But what about the others? Those pushing the carts yelling, “Dyaryo, bote!!!”; the old lady on the street selling goodies to passers-by.  How about the “Lolo” lying on the street singing mumbo-jumbo, asking for a few coins? What about them?

            Many people today are suffering from poverty. Most of them live in the slum areas or what most know as the “squatters.” Others live on the streets with only their carts as their beds and their torn umbrellas as the roofs on their heads. Some poor people live on garbage. They scavenge through trash to find something to eat. Some make their living by either selling cigarettes, candies or even Sampaguitas.  Most are simply working for others but still not earning enough for their hard work. If not that, they kill, they kidnap, and they rob to live.  

What happens then to these people?  How can we help?  How can we make a difference?

Questions that need answers.  Questions that only those who are humane can respond.  We need to open up our eyes.  We need to be aware of these kinds of things going on around us.  Because if not, then what kind of persons will we be?


June 01, 2007



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