Meeting Daniel Radcliffe – a Fiction

“YOU DID WHAT?!” I yelled at my best friend who was in front of me, grinning smugly.  We were at my own flat at the city.  I just moved in last week and was still in the process of fixing things and getting myself settled.

Bethaly, my best friend followed me as I went to my bedroom, seething a bit.  “I just wanted you to take a break from all of this.  You deserve it after everything that’s been happening to you for the last couple of months,” she explained, shrugging.

I turned around to face her after picking my CD collection of alterative rock music from the box and arranging them on my shelves.  “That doesn’t give you the right to manipulate my life!”

She looked taken aback at what I just said.  I sighed.  “Look, Beth.  I’m sorry.  It’s just been a long day,” I apologized.  I sat at the edge of my bed then flopped down.  Beth came and sat with me.  “It’s ok.  Plus it’s not even a sure thing yet.  I just entered your name.  Who knows?  You might win and since you have the greatest crush on him –”

I sighed once more and closed my eyes.  “He’s too young for me, Beth.  Sure he’s cute and you know how much of a fanatic I am of Harry Potter, but still…  Plus I just broke up with Jonah and –”

Beth rolled her eyes.  “Like I told you and will say again and again – it’s not a sure thing yet!  And like Jonah would even care.  You guys are O-VER!”

“But –”

Beth stood up and raised her arms.  “Whatever, Tin.  You and Jonah are still friends from what I garner.  He would understand this and not really give a damn about it even if you did bag it.  And this is exactly why I did what I did.”  She walked towards where I was lying and peered into my face.  “You are stressing about mundane things.”  I sat up quickly when she said that.  “I’ll be going along now.  Just call me if you still need help.”  She sauntered out of my bedroom door and heard her let herself out.

I flopped once more on my bed and threw a pillow over my face.  Once I was sure no one would hear me, I screamed into my pillow.  Then threw it back beside me once I was done.  I knew that my best friend was right.  I was a total wreck a couple of months back and was only gathering pieces of my life now that I got my own flat to worry about.  I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years since things weren’t working out already.  I resigned from my job in Advertising since it was stressing me out.  And now – I’m stressing once more because I don’t have much projects as a freelance Production Manager.  Good thing I saved up and was able to get me this flat all by myself.

When Bethaly came here a while ago screaming that she entered my name online on the Meet Daniel Radcliffe contest she saw on TV, I tuned out.  I wasn’t sure I heard her correctly.  Then she went on gushing how it would be a nice experience for me if I did win and blah, blah, blah.  Then I freaked.  Why on earth would she do that?!  I mean, come on.  The guy was only 17 or 18.  And I was what – turning 23 in a month’s time.  Sure I’m not that old but…

I got up and went into my kitchen to get me a glass of water.  After taking big gulps and finishing it, I already felt fine.  It couldn’t hurt I realized if I did bag it.  Plus, it’s not even a sure thing yet.  So why stress out on it?  I laughed myself silly and then rummaged around my flat to get several things done and settled.

May 30, 2006




Part 2…

A week had gone by and I was already comfortable in my new flat.  Everything was arranged the way I wanted to.  My furniture was all in place.  My books, my CDs, my DVDs and other stuffs were all stacked where I wanted them to be.  I was sitting curled up on my couch, reading one of my favorite novels for the umpteenth time when my cordless phone started ringing.

Groaning, since I was already at the best part of the book, I answered my phone.  “Hello?”


I took the phone away from my ear and stared at it incredulously.  My best friend was screaming something as if she was talking to someone that was 7 mountains away from her.  I shouted in return to her, the phone an arm length away from me, “Beth!  Stop yelling!  My eardrums are bleeding!”

Finally, I heard her quiet down and gingerly placed the phone back into my ear.  “What’s up that had you screaming like a banshee?”

“Didn’t you watch the special tonight?  The one about meeting Daniel Radcliffe?” she asked.

“No,” I answered shortly and I tensed up, not knowing what she will say next and trying not to think why she was screaming just a little while ago.

“Well…” she trailed in her sing-song voice.  “Guess what I saw on TV?”


“Daniel Radcliffe announced that he.  Will.  Be.  Meeting…” she trailed once more and then squealed, “YOU!!!!”

I sat there on my couch, shocked, not able to believe what I just heard.  I wasn’t even aware that Bethaly was gushing and telling me that life was being good to me to present me with this opportunity and how Daniel looked so excited on TV to meet me.  I finally snapped out of it when I heard Beth calling my name over and over again and asking if I was ok and if I was still there.

“Yeah.  Yeah, I heard you,” I said.  “Look, I gotta go.”  And hung up on her.  I took a deep breath, stood up and went into my kitchen.  I got out a soda from my fridge and took a big gulp, trying to calm my nerves.  What I just heard was unbelievable.  It was crazy.  And I know I was a bit overreacting.  But I was about to meet Daniel Radcliffe.  That reason alone was enough for me to overreact.

I went into my bedroom and snuggled in my bed, hoping that once I sleep and wake up in the morning, all of this wouldn’t just be a dream.

June 04, 2006




Part 3 – On-Board

I was fidgeting on my seat as the plane was taking off.  Not that I wasn’t used to flying.  I used to travel all the time.  My anxiousness didn’t have anything to do with flying but what I was to discover when I arrive to where I was headed.  I was very lucky enough to get a visa to London.  Although it was just good for 3 months, still – I was going to a part of Europe!  Well, getting the visa was easy enough.  I had back-ups and the management of the Meet Daniel Radcliffe thing were the ones who arranged everything for me.  All I had to do was pack my bags, prepare my passport, head to the airport and fly to London.  My ticket and visa were sent to me through the mail, a couple of weeks after the announcement.

So there I was, by my window seat on the plane thinking of what lies ahead.  I was getting kind of nervous.  For god’s sake though, why should I be nervous?  It’s only Daniel Radcliffe.  The Daniel Radcliffe.  Ugh!  What have I gotten myself into now? 

A stewardess approached me and asked if I want another glass of champagne.  They offered complimentary drinks when I went onboard, that’s why.  I looked at my empty flute, shook my head and thanked the stewardess.  She smiled and went on her way asking the next passenger.

I sighed.  I had 4 more hours before I land.  I should get a nap, I knew that.  But I couldn’t.  I knew the time difference would kill me when I get there but who cares?  I was used to it. 

I tried to watch the movie that was showing on-board our flight.  I thought that it might help lull me to sleep.  So I focused on the movie.

Oh joy.

It was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I turned on my seat facing the window and snapped my eyes shut.  It was all I could do not to groan out loud at the prospect of meeting the person who played Harry Potter in the films.

Dang.  I knew I was overreacting.  REALLY overreacting about all of this.  But what the hell?  Give me a break.  I was almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  I opened my eyes and peeked at my window.  It was so dark outside, I couldn’t even make out the wings of the plane.  Finally, about a couple of hours before landing, my eyes drifted shut and my tired mind and body succumbed to sleep.

For those two hours, I dreamt of nothing.  But deep inside, I was wishing everything would go well.


August 21, 2006



I wrote this way way back last year.  And I thought of continuing it here.  See more updates in the next coming weeks!  🙂

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