My First Date with Carlo. :) 07.21.07

Pwamiz, eto talaga ang aming first date. Sure, we hang out most of the time with our friends or kaming 2 lang sa bahay. Pero we never had a real date. So yesterday, we decided to go out ng kami lang talaga. 🙂

Went to Universal Studios, had a blast with the rides and the tours and the other stuffs. Siyempre, naka-Front of the Line Pass kami dito noh. Para wala ng pila. Pambihira. Ang dami kayang tao kahapon!!

Then went to Arclight sa Sunset and Vine to watch La Vie En Rose na tinulugan ni Carlo. Tinulugan niya si Edith Piaf! Hehe. Don’t blame him though, the story was a bit dragging but it was inspirational. 🙂

We’ll definitely do this on a regular basis from now on. 🙂

Ate Pilar, Sang, Ate Mina, Mich, Ceej, Ate Weng – meet Carlo, the “Dear Diary” ng buhay ko ngayon. Hehe. 🙂

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