Evan Almighty by Tom Shadyac

Funny, clever but not extremely almighty.

Steve Carrell makes a comeback as the witty Evan Baxter who takes on a new job as a US Congressman with a slogan about him wanting to change the world. With this in mind, God (Morgan Freeman) commissions him to build an ark and get all the animals in pairs much like Noah did in the old testament telling him that since he prayed to change the world, then this was his chance to do just that.

It was funny in a way since Steve Carrell was really funny. The animals following him all around was funny too. And the way he starts changing physically and God’s idea of him wearing togas and sacks for clothes was definitely hilarious.

However, if you are expecting adult humor like that of Bruce Almighty then this supposed sequel to it is not the one you want. Evan Almighty has more family humor than adult humor. Most of the audience that were with me while watching this movie were families and kids. There were a few adult humor inserted here and there especially from Rita (Wanda Sykes), Baxter’s executive assistant but it was not as blatant as that from Bruce Almighty.

And if you know the story of Noah and the Ark, then you definitely would know what would happen next in the film although it was already modernized. Still most of the scenes were predictable and a bit cliche-ic but still funny all the same.

It is something that the whole family would enjoy watching. Parents with their kids would get their money’s worth from watching this on the big screen but for all others, it’s ok to just wait for the DVD and rent it.

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