Live Free or Die Hard by Len Wiseman

I know this is a long review in the making since this movie came out almost a month ago. It being the 4th of July movie. But hey – better late than never, right? 🙂

I was actually apprehensive in watching this film. Given that it’s already the 4th movie and I kind of felt that the 3rd movie was already the last. And let’s be real – it has been what? 12 or 15 years since the last Die Hard movie came out? During the middle of the film though, I was already hooked to the movie. I was totally blown away and what I was expecting were not what I saw. It was more than that. Totally unbelievable.

For a PG-13 rate, this movie sure had a lot of action and violence infused with it. Not to mention, some colorful language from our dear old John McClane (Bruce WIllis). At 52, Willis did some of the most amazing moves in this movie. What I like most about this film is that majority of the explosions and action stunts were done in the most natural possible way and not through CGIs which we are more adept at using at this film age.

Every essential thing in a Die Hard movie is in this one. If I may quote Marc Schoenherr of IMdb: “John McClane beats up on supposedly superior-armed terrorists: check. Sidekick that adds comic relief and keeps the story going: check. Well-played "bad guy” that pushes McClane to his limits: check. John McClane soaked in blood by the end of the movie: check. Tons of explosions, deaths, and “yippie kay aye motherf***er”: check, check and check.“ Of course, the main point in here is that – it wouldn’t be a Die Hard movie if John McClane (Bruce Willis) doesn’t come out bloody by the end of the movie. 🙂

All of the cast were marvelous. Timothy Olyphant as Thomas Gabriel and the main villain in this film was really mesmerizing especially during the part wherein he was taunting McClane regarding his daughter. Justin Long as Matt Farrell, the college kid hacker who was a vital part of the "firesale” that Gabriel was planning on doing to get revenge on the government, was also marvelous in his being the nervous nerdy kid at the beginning, coming out with witty remarks himself and ends up being one of the heroes in the end.

All in all, I could say that Live Free or Die Hard is the best action movie so far for this summer of 2007. 🙂

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