Twilight by Catherine Hardwicke

When you can live forever, what do you live for?

Me – I suppose I would live for my family – the loves of my life. And that was how this movie was supposed to be all about as well.

Anyway – Twilight was so hyped up that it was basically being described as the “move over Harry Potter” film. A lot of fans and readers of the books (Twilight series) were looking forward to this movie. It was said that it will be one of the top box-office hitters for the month.

However, that was not the case.

The books were so hyped up that a lot of people were hoping that the movie would keep to it. The trailer sure did. For a moment there – we all thought that the film was really based on how the books was written and described.

But like most films that were derived from books – the film proved to be a lot different than the book. Always the case, anyway.

Most fans and avid readers were “disappointed” with how the movie turned out. Sure, it is still Twilight. But if you’re going to watch it without any knowledge about the book – you wouldn’t really understand any part of it. Well, maybe some parts – especially the romance part between Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), our vampire, and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), the clumsy girl who fell for the vampire.

I, for one, am a huge fan of all vampire themed things. From books – to movies and to anything in between. I’ve read all Anne Rice books, watched most vampire movies and of course – finished the Twilight series as well. And like most avid fans of vampire-dom – was quite disappointed with how the film adaptation was. It’s so sad given that I even watched this film on the opening weekend.

The special effects were not as astounding as it was featured in the trailers. I could almost see where the “invisible” cords strapped to the actors were. The make-up – well, let’s just say that it’s not up to par. Hello, Carlisle?! What’s up with all the white junk in the face? It was so unnatural – so un-vampire-ic. Even the dialogues and the way they interacted were not as vampire as we want them to be.

Sure, you would probably say – hey, cut them some slack – but having watched a lot of vampire movies – I could say that – hey, director Catherine Hardwicke barely knows what she’s doing with regards to vampires. You need to watch and read more vampire themed films and books, girl!

The chemistry between Bella and Edward though was realistic. And the only thing that I could say was marvelous. And the only thing that kept me glued to my seat as well. Well, since they were the main actors – they should have that. But the others were so down-played that you don’t even see what were their sense and fulfillment in the movie.

Technical wise – it was so-so. Like I said earlier – the special effects were off as well as the almost fight scene in the meadow (where they were playing baseball) and the real fight scene in the ballet room. Color grading – it was good, sure, since they kept to the “gloomy” look and feel of the book, pertaining to the always rainy side of Forks. Editing – is quite funny. There were other scenes in there where the actors were opening their mouths for a dialogue but no words can be heard. Just check out where that could be. 🙂

I just hope that when they do decide to shoot then release the second movie – it would not be like this. I know it’s hard to compile a thick book into a two-hour movie but – let’s face it, Lord of the Rings trilogy was able to do it. The first two films of Harry Potter were able to do it too. Who goes to say that this movie couldn’t do it as well?

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