You know you’re a parent when….

  1. the bags you pack to go to grandmas for an hour or two look to the rest of the world like your going on vacation for a week…
  2. You forget what a good nights sleep feels like and that’s the norm.
  3. You go to the grocery store, stop in the ladies room and realize your shirt has spit up all over the shoulder. =/
  4. You are responsible for someone other than yourself
  5. You use the word poop without question and don’t care who sees your boob
  6. you realize how you forgot to eat breakfast and it’s already past lunch time……or…….poop, pee, vomit, or spit up on you and it doesn’t phase you 😉
  7. All you can think about all day is your little one, but you have to be at work.
  8. You find yourself singing along with all of the childrens’ songs you hear on cartoons…or when a shower is the only time you get to yourself a day! 🙂
  9. You read the nutrition label on EVERYTHING.
  10. when u find yourself pureeing a veggie into a dessert you’re baking!!
  11. your child says they are gonna throw up, there’s nothing nearby to catch it, so you use your hands to catch the throw up.
  12. When you stop caring about your own appearance and just go out wearing what ever you find first
  13. You stop thinking parents of kids having tantrums in the grocery store are bad parents, you understand it is normal.
  14. You would rather spend all day cuddling with someone that will cry for food in 4 hrs and spit up all over you then do anything else 🙂
  15. you ask your baby to hold still so mommy can get that nasty boogy
  16. Showers are optional
  17. you rather stay home cuddled up on the couch with your kids then go out to dinner with friends…
  18. When a little monster will look you right in the face and scream at the top of their lungs with the maddest/meanest look you have ever seen and you laugh cause it is just a cute face!
  19. you don’t mind the smell of solid-fed baby poop at 6:30 in the morning
  20. When you wish as hard as you possibly can to take someone elses pain and make it your own.
  21. You know you’re a parent when you smell your baby and all you smell is baby lotion, spit up and drool and it actually smells good to you.
  22. You know your a parent when you watch your children run around and play instead of the TV, even though it’s on.
  23. no matter what the conversation or situation you always end up talking about your child
  24. You start to really care about the planet and it’s future.

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