AMACon :)

I am currently writing a story for a fandom event over at Twitter that we call the #AMACon (AlDub – MaiChard Author Convention).  It’s a fic exchange between different authors and writers from the AlDub/MaiChard fandom.  There’s 52 writers who joined and were invited, me included.  Each writer is partnered up with another one and exchanges prompts from which they would write their fanfiction.  There’s no length and no rating and it could be whatever genre the writer wishes it to be.  Our deadline is on the 22nd which is roughly in 4 days.  And kamusta naman? I am not even halfway done with my story.  Sobrang sabaw ng utak ko! Jusko.  


So I’m sorry if I haven’t been updating much here and fixing my whole blog.  Just thought I’d let everyone out there who checks this out, know.  I’ll be back to update my poems and some of my short stories soon.  I might post my story here since my prompt was pretty interesting.  🙂

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