Enough is enough

When would be the right time to say this? When you’re already out of tears?  When you’re so drained of everything all you want to do is curl up?  When it’s becoming hard to breathe?  When you feel so caged that you cannot stretch your wings anymore and fly?  When?

I wish sometimes that it’s easy to just leave everything.  To get up and go.  To just be.  But how can you when there’s life in the way?  When you have too many responsibilities you just couldn’t stay away from?

I’m tired.  Literally and figuratively.  I’ve cried so much for the last couple of months – I am pretty much living a half-life.  Going through the motions, making sure everything is still as it is outside – when inside everything is broken and a mess.

Don’t worry.  I don’t think about taking my life, nothing like that.

But I’m simply done.  Just done.

If only I could really go.  If only I could really leave.  If only I could stay away.

I would…  I really would…

I need a goddamn break.  My life is fucked up as it is, right now.


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