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One Long Stemmed Rose

Those who totally know me, know that I’m not really a huge fan of Valentine’s. 😅 Of love, yes – since I’m a romantic at heart and I believe that love should be celebrated every day and not just once in a year. But I don’t begrudge those that celebrate it. Valentines, after all, is a day to celebrate all kinds of love. I still like seeing couples become extra lovey-dovey during this time or even families and little kids expressing love to their parents and siblings. It’s still a nice feeling. 😊

Just this late morning, my 4-year old little boy came home from his speech therapy and asked me first thing when he walked in the door, “Mommy, is today Valentines?” I answered yes and then, without preamble – he hugged me tight and said in a loud voice, “I love you, Mommy!” Continue reading “One Long Stemmed Rose”

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11.06.13 | Music {is my daughter’s passion as well as mine. 😍 We sing together and play music together. 🎵🎶 Now, she’s learning how to play the “guitar” (it’s really a small ukulele though she really wants to learn the guitar. 🎸 And the piano. 🎹 And the violin. 🎻 And… You get my point. 😁 Thought we’ll start with this one first. ☺️} #fmsphotoaday #kurayzeeproject #music #latergram #latepost #iphoneonly #november2013 #littlegirl #littlegirlsarefun #guitar #love #loveofmylife #moments