I’m at work and waiting for the day to pass by.  Good for me since I don’t have any meetings today to nod my head off and embarrass myself as I do that.  But I am not doing anything right now except be bored and browse through the net and watch the news that’s playing on our lobby TV.

Speaking of, the news about Anna Nicole Smith is getting old, don’t you think?  I mean – she died last week and this stuff about her should have winded down by now.  But nooo – the media and news people continue to taunt her even in death.  They’ve been going around in circle din naman so nothing good is coming out of the reports and so-called research that they are doing about her whole life in general.

I mean, come on!  I really don’t think that every single f*cking person in the planet wants to know who she slept with for the last year and who the hell is the father of her child and what’s going to happen now to her estate and her money and other what-have-yous. 

This is really getting old.  Oh well – for all we know, Anna Nicole loved the “fame” and attention, so to speak.  She’s probably grinning like a fool right now and jumping up and down giddily wherever she may be.  In the after life?  Sigh…  I hope she’s not making the news there as well and not wreaking havoc to the otherwise peaceful life that they have over there.

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