Music and Lyrics by Marc Lawrence

I know I’ve watched this ages ago (and I know I said I’m anti-valentine but hey – can’t one enjoy a good movie even on Valentine’s day? Sheesh. And just for all of you to know – I didn’t watch this on a date. I watched it alone.) – but I haven’t gotten the chance to review it yet. So here goes…

I liked it. Period. I know it’s your kind of typical chick-flick that girls would definitely dig for but I still liked it. Regardless. It’s not your cliche-ic mushy type of romance movies (like The Notebook, for instance – although that has a good storyline) which for me is good. Conversations between Sophie (Drew Barrymore) and Alex (Hugh Grant) were also witty and they came out naturally and really funny. They have great chemistry and that is saying something. Between them, people wouldn’t get bored as they go through the whole flick.

I’m into alternative rock music but it was still nice to hear 80’s pop music as played in the film. Brings back a lot of memories when you were a kid. Nostalgic. Plus it was meshed really well in the movie. Seeing as the music of today is soooo different from what we grew up listening to – having them together in one flick is enough to bring back a tide of memories and the thought that one day, your kids will have the same feeling when they hear the songs of today being played a decade from now.

What I really like about the film are the words of Drew aka Sophie with regards to Music or melody being the physical attraction (as in the kiss and the sex and the whole physical aspect of the relationship) in a relationship and the Lyrics being the story of the relationship. My take on that? I agree with it. As you can see, in one song – you first listen to the intro – meaning that would be all melody before the lyrics come through. Then sometimes, you just admire the music or the melody playing in the song without really listening to the lyrics. The physical thing, as Drew expounded. But once you get to the words of the song, then you can finally realize if the song has sense or not. The lyrics tells the story. The lyrics is what makes the song seem deeper. The lyrics give the song meaning. The melody only carries the tune and it gives the song beauty. Although both are important and one cannot stand alone without the other. Well, maybe that’s the case with the lyrics since music or melody can stand on its own (e.g instrumental music).

Cora, the Karmic sensation played by Haley Bennett was brilliant for a first time acting on the big screen. She was a bit on the shallow and superficial side though but the way she portrayed her character was marvelous. She was a cross between Britney/Christina/Shakira and she meshed all those three characters pretty well in one character.

The one scene that I really loved in this film was when Sophie and Alex were to part ways after their dinner at Rhonda’s, Sophie’s sister. Their conversation on how to meet up to go to Cora’s recording really caught my attention. It was witty and direct and funny all at the same time. Then at the end, they kissed before going on their separate ways. It was sweet.

One last thing. Beware of the crotch thrusts! LOL. 😀

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