Bridge to Terabithia by Gabor Csupo

For those who haven’t read the book – we were lead to believe that this is another fantasy, kid-adventure kind of film (sort of like Narnia). Of course, that was not what was shown in the movie. In that case – I’d like to say only two words: false advertising.

The film was still fantastically done though. It exceeded my expectations story wise. Not your typical children’s movie with fairy-tale endings but something real, something that both adults and children alike can grasp. Something that teaches us the value of life, friendship, family and courage. It was sad yet moving. Heartbreaking and yet warming.

The CGIs in this film were not overdone which for me was great. It focused more on what the children believed as they enter their new kingdom to find solace in it when they are being bullied at school. With that said, we enter their world as they see it, as they imagined it and not because it was caused by some digital effect that made Terabithia seem real to them.

Acting was very touching. Both Jess Aarons (Josh Hutcherson) and Leslie Burke (Annasophia Robb) were very convincing in the way they portrayed their characters in the film. As most people who read the book before watching this film said, they were very true to the book. Josh’s acting towards the end of the film was really moving. You would really be able to feel the grief that was coursing through him. The anger, the sadness – he wanted to mourn and yet he couldn’t. Little Mary Belle Aarons (Bailee Madison) delivered great lines that would make one think (yes, an adult to actually think about what a 4 or 5 yo kid said) and yet stayed cute all throughout the film.

For these actors, be rest assured that we will see them in the coming soon movies as I’m sure that they would get more offers from producers and directors alike for their award-winning performances.

Wonderfully done. Very magnificent. Be ready with tissues though as you watch this. When you get really sad, and you need a place to escape to – “Just close your eyes but keep your mind wide open.”

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