Moving out, Moving up

Micky and I are moving into this cute 3-bedroom, 2-storey townhouse that we found here in Northridge still.  It’s near our work, near the mall, near everything actually.  It’s 15 minutes away from work via bus and 5 minutes away via drive.  Cool huh?  🙂

We’re getting really excited about it since the house is new and every appliance is still new.  We’re excited about buying our furniture and decorating the whole place that would depict who we are and what we are.  I’ll post pictures of the before and after once we’re done with the whole decorating thing.

Yesterday, we already signed the contract for us to lease it for a year.  But after 6 months, I’m actually thinking of buying it for ourselves.  The owners are pretty open to it anyway.  It’s a great investment here.  What do you guys think?

It’s a nice blessing for us.  Nice step up.  And we really thank the Lord for it.  🙂

If you want to check out the house, visit this website:  We’re going to be in Unit #1.  🙂

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