The Number 23 by Joel Schumacher

Jim Carrey at his finest. No matter how much most people think that he’s just a comedian – he can definitely act in whatever character he is placed and he’s really good at it (think Eternal Sunshine and Truman Show). Him playing a double-role in this movie (the real dog-catcher, loving family man and the sax-playing, savvy detective) only enhanced his acting ability and showed people how great of an actor he is.

Director Joel Schumacher delivered another good piece with this movie. He definitely proved that he is good with suspense/mystery/thrilling movies (Phone Booth, Falling Down etc.). Although it was a bit anti-climactic towards the end, the build-up throughout the whole film was enough to make you think and make you sit at the edge of your seat.

One bit of trivia though, The Number 23 is Schumacher’s 23rd movie to direct.

It is utterly unsettling, scary (well, not that much but enough to keep you glued to the screen) and mysterious. It will have you go through the psychological torture that Walter Sparrow (Carrey) and his family went through.

The use of reds, browns and dark hues for cinematography and grading worked for the film and made it look more hazy and dark, thus staying true to the main concept and what the director would like the viewers to enjoy.

The film is for insane people. For people that can think along the lines that is unsettling. For people who are paranoid enough to think that The Number 23 has something to do with their lives after watching the film.

Trust me when I say that once you exit the theaters after watching this, you’ll try and add up your birthday, analyze your address, your social security number and every number that you have encountered in your life to find out if you are cursed by The Number 23 as well.

It’s a good thing my birthday adds up to 22. 🙂

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