[none. none at all.]

I feel sad.  Tired.  But most of all, just lonely.

I just learned yesterday that a friend of mine who’s close to my heart is leaving California.  He’s going back East, back to his hometown.  And he just told me this yesterday. Just yesterday. Sunday.

We went to Malibu beach yesterday afternoon and had a relaxing grand time.  It was a nice getaway for both of us.  And it was what I really needed at that moment.  What with all the hassle of moving, thinking of what new furniture we need and all the stress work is giving me.  An afternoon at the beach with the sun, surf and sand and with a very important person to me right beside me was what I really needed.

But then he popped out the news that he’s leaving.  And he’s leaving in three weeks!  😦  It’s just sad.  So sad to find out that he’s leaving Sunny Cali.  He said he’s done with L.A. and would like to return to his hometown and start something new back East.  Probably New York or Boston. 

I was quiet and contemplating all the way home.


I’ll miss that guy.  Terribly.

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