Spiderman 3 by Sam Raimi

Yes, at one point – you have to watch this movie to finally have the conclusion to the Spiderman trilogy (is this even the end of the Spiderman movie series? Enlighten me, you guys) or for just the fulfillment of your own desires (if that is the correct term for it).

It has most of the best action scenes I have ever seen compared to the other 2 Spidey movies but I feel like there’s something missing throughout the whole film. It feels half-baked for some reason.

I think it’s because there were a lot of things going on during the whole film that it makes most of the viewers lose focus on one thing. You suddenly don’t know which one is the main thing happening in the story. There’s the relationship between MJ and Peter, then Peter’s relationship with Harry. Then Sandman and Eddie Brock who later became Venom. That part in particular was what disappointed me since Venom played a major role in the comic book and the movie only had him towards the end. No build-up. No explanations. No nada.

It’s a movie that’s nice to see. But not something that you have to rush over to the cinemas and haggle the movie ticket-er just to get inside real quick.

If they do make a 4th movie, I just hope that they center on one topic and build-up and climax it from there. Hopefully – they’ll do better next time.

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