Shrek the Third by Chris Miller

It is amusing but not enough to earn a great big round of applause. You can find some funny bits and pieces here and there throughout the movie but not enough to make you roll around and drop to the floor laughing (like what the first two movies did). Somehow – it felt like the old jokes that they were throwing were losing touch.

The addition of the new characters (Snow White and the other Princesses, Artie and some of the other animation villains) worked really well though. They cracked new and witty comments. Charming didn’t live up to his standards and his name, which was a bit disappointing. Unlike in the second movie – he made you infuriated at him and his mom as well as laugh at the sort of “idiot-ness” he was showing.

It was fun to watch. Just don’t get too excited at the prospect of watching it.

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