Transformers by Michael Bay

I know. This review has been so long in the making. But hey – let me tell you that it’s worth the wait. LOL.

I’ve loved Transformers as a child. Watching it brought back a lot of memories for me. It was kind of nostalgic even. Seeing Optimus Prime was the best. I even clapped inside the theaters when he showed himself at last.

Visually, the film was amazing. Of course, ILM and the digital studios that helped outdid themselves once more in this. The robots were astounding. They were real looking and very elegant. Especially whenever they transformed. The precision with which they transform from vehicle to robot back to vehicle would simply make your eyes pop.

Technically – the film was really something to behold. Cinematography was done marvelously. Especially the fight scenes that happened in Downtown LA. It was funny when Megatron even picked on a human like it was a bug and said, “Disgusting!” The slow motions achieved the drama and artfulness that Director Michael Bay wanted to show when Optimus and Megatron fought the final show down. All in all, the film was a visual treat.

The acting was competent enough. Since there were a lot of newcomers in this film, it was expected that the acting might not be up to standards of most people. But hey – everybody delivered. Everybody was great. There wasn’t a difference that one can see between the veterans with the newbies. Shia LeBeouf of course was the best in this film. Him playing the role of Sam Witwicky was so believable, you wouldn’t even remember that he was that guy from Even Stevens.

Script wise – there were several lines that were witty and conversations that would make you think. However, it lacked a sense of story. We all know what will happen in the end but the script should have somehow twisted it and made it all the more exciting. Sure, the visuals were great. The explosions – beautiful. Some conversations were clever, but everything was predictable.

It’s still the best summer flick of the year. No wonder, even on it’s second weekend – a lot of people are still lining up to watch it. Kids, since it’s obviously something that kids would love to see, and adults, since it’s definitely a family movie and for those like me who loved Transformers as a kid – Transformers is a must-see. Two thumbs up! 🙂

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