When has it ever been fair?

I’ve been thinking…  When you least expect it – like you have the best life you’re living so far, you just bought this nice looking car, you’re living on this very nice condo or loft, you’re earning way too much that you could even pay for your neighbor’s bills and still get extra – it’s pretty much something too good to be true and yet happening to you.

And then in just a blink of an eye – you die.

Just like that.  No explanations.  No whatsoever.

Unfair?  Hell yeah.

Or you’ve been waiting for this girl for years.  Courting her, wooing her, doing everything in your power to make her yours.  And then after a couple of years, she comes up to you herself to say yes, she wants you too.  You jump up for joy, celebrate and shout to the whole world that you’re the luckiest person alive.

And then – in a week’s time, you see her kissing somebody else. 

She sees you, looks at you, shrugs at you and continue kissing the person she’s with like she doesn’t even know you.

Unfair?  Do you even need to ask?

It made me think about the song Ironic by Alanis Morisette.  Remember that?  Life is ironic.  Life is unfair.  Never has it ever been fair. 

And yet – people always exclaim – this is so unfair!  Wake up people.  Be realistic – life has never been fair.

But sometimes it makes you wonder.  What would happen if life is fair?  Do you think everything would be all right and dandy?  Would it always be sunshine and daisies?  Would people always be smiling and happy?  Would there still be tears? 

Hmmmm…  Just a random thought.

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