My MaiChard ship is sailing…

This is the first time I would write about this LoveTeam that I’ve been shipping for quite some time now.  They are now being called The Phenomenal Love Team used to be ALDUB (for ALden and Yaya DUB, the characters on Eat Bulaga’s KalyeSerye) now turned MAICHARD (MAIne and RiCHARD – their real names).


(Artwork edit by @maideniheaven over at Twitter. Words are mine.)

I have never fangirled like this in my entire life.  Sure I am a fan of many things and personalities but not like what I currently am doing with these two.  I’ve never missed an episode of KalyeSerye since I started shipping them (though there are times, most times really, that I scratch my head and ask what in the world is going on with the plot line of KS nowadays).  I even do replays at times.  I’ve watched their movie, My Bebe Love and their film-made-for-TV God Gave Me You, EB’s Lenten Special.  Heck – I pretty much buy anything they endorse (that’s available to me where I am, I’m in Idaho, US so my Filipino stuff is limited) as well as get whatever magazine they appear on (the ones available online since I couldn’t really get the physical ones to have them shipped out to me).

My husband (even my kids!) laugh at me at times especially when I get kilig at their interactions or squeal like crazy when they are together.  Malala na nga daw ako but they still let me go on with my fangirling obsession.  Although a secret between you and me – my hubby ships them as well.  I even catch him smiling too whenever he watches with me.  He just doesn’t want to admit that he’s secretly a fan of them too.  🙂

Their love team is going on 37 weeks now.  And it’s getting stronger.  Their relationship from strangers to acquaintances to BFFs to I believe something more is also going stronger.  And it’s what’s making all their fans stick with them (even with the occasional – oh who am I kidding, there are tons of them! *eyeroll* – tards and bashers).

I guess what makes them tick is the fact that even though it’s supposed to be REEL, their interactions somehow bleed REAL through the screen most of the time.  That blur between the two is what keeps the fans guessing (SOCO pa more!) as to their real score and keeps on hanging just to see this much-talked about organic chemistry that the two have.  Although lately – I could definitely say that they are leaning towards the REAL already (come on – protective bibi boy and caring bibi girl – galawang mag-BFF lang ba ang mga ganoin?!).  And it’s making my MaiChard heart happy.  🙂

For me – it’s the fact that they remind me of my younger days when it just feels so nice to be in-love or to fall in-love with no concern whatsoever but just to feel the love.  To be happy and to drown in that ecstasy of falling and staying in-love.  Honestly, you couldn’t fake that.  No matter how much you try to hide it, it will still show, your face will still glow, your body will still bloom and the whole world would be able to see how love works through you just by looking in your eyes and the way you smile.

That is what I believe they currently have.  And that is why a lot of their fans, around the world, from young to old, would forever hold on to love.

They inspire me.  They made me believe in love once more.  And they made me realize that love is always worth it.

(Photo below from Cosmopolitan Philippines BTS for Feb2016 cover shoot)


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