Quills & Brushes / SWEET Books

I have been quite busy with a lot of things lately that I already forgot to update or at least write something here on my blog. 😅 I’m really sorry about that. I cannot promise that I would be able to write in here frequently but I will try my best to do so. I’ve beenContinue reading “Quills & Brushes / SWEET Books”

My MaiChard ship is sailing…

This is the first time I would write about this LoveTeam that I’ve been shipping for quite some time now.  They are now being called The Phenomenal Love Team used to be ALDUB (for ALden and Yaya DUB, the characters on Eat Bulaga’s KalyeSerye) now turned MAICHARD (MAIne and RiCHARD – their real names). (ArtworkContinue reading “My MaiChard ship is sailing…”