Mishi & Lloyd (August 2010)

Models: Mishi Magno and Lloyd Villoria
Photo by: Ruth Medina-Ilasco
Shot using Nikon D40, 55mm, F11, 1/500 ISO400
Lighting: California Sunbounce / Ambient Lighting / Carlo Ilasco
Hair and Make Up: Paula Mauricio
Location: Ilasco Residence, Rancho Santa Margarita, California
Edited via: Photoshop CS2 and LR2

So here we have a model photoshoot that I did to further my portfolio back in 2010.  I wanted to do a themed wedding so I thought of doing a “Trash The Dress” style/theme.  I wanted to go to the beach also so I could ruin the dress further but wasn’t able to so I contented myself with shooting by the hiking trail behind my house’s backyard.  🙂  Thoughts and comments are always welcome.  Comment below or message/email me at ruth.ilasco@icloud.com

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