Prompted Drabbles

I’ve been having a massive writer’s block lately and I haven’t really gotten back my drive to write yet. I know, I know. It’s been MONTHS, goodness. Though there are times when I really REALLY want to write, I feel its urge. My muse is still there but for some reason, I’m having a hard time getting the drive and inspiration to get my pen and paper (or laptop and word document) and just… well, write.

So I took to Twitter and asked some mutuals for writing prompts that would help me get out of my funk, so to speak. I wrote some drabbles in response to that. See/read these drabbles below.

Well then. I hope these delivered. And hopefully as well, that this is the start of me writing once more.

She had always wanted to see the world. Ever since she was a little child, that was all she ever wished for. To see the world, experience different cultures, meet new people, try new things…

Alas, that wasn’t something that she knew could happen in this lifetime. Not when she was stuck in this godforsaken tower that her father, the king, placed her in.

She sighed. She knew that her father had good reasons for locking her in. Aside from the beauty, grace and intelligence that she possess (attributes that were passed onto her from her beautiful mother), she was also gifted by the gods with an unusual trait, one that her parents didn’t think was possible – especially in this day and age.

Her tears harden into diamonds.

Hence why her father thought it best not to let her out of the castle that they lived in, so that there wouldn’t be an opportunity for others to hurt her or make her cry and find out this… unnatural phenomenon that happens with her.

If only she could make her father see reason – that being stuck inside was what was making her miserable, there were days when she had to fake a smile just so she could appease everyone around her.

Looking out from the window of her room, she could see the vastness of her kingdom and the ocean from a distance. She could see the different people, the ships anchored by the pier, hear the boisterous laughter and the daily sounds of a new day dawning.

She stood, huffing. Enough was enough. She couldn’t take this anymore. She knew what she wanted and she would damn take it now. She was of age anyway. And she would definitely make her father understand her and see reason. She’d do anything for him to see it her way.

With a hardened resolve, she finally smiled.


He looked up from where he sat atop his white stallion below the tallest of the castle’s towers and frowned, noticing that the princess wasn’t where she usually was at this time in the morning – by the window, looking out wistfully.

Was she perhaps still asleep? He heard that she rode her horse to exhaustion within the castle walls yesterday upon finding out for the nth time that her request to go outside was denied by the king.

He tutted, a smile gracing his pink lips. When would she ever learn? He wondered. Even when they were still children and he would visit from his neighboring kingdom, the king was adamant about letting her go out despite numerous pleas and cries. He knew that the only time the king would grant her request to leave and see the world was if he finds someone worthy to be her daughter’s… companion.

A grin suddenly replaced his small smile. That day had finally come. He confidently marched towards the castle gates to announce his presence.

“Tell the king that a prince worthy of his daughter is requesting an audience with him. He should be expecting me.”


“Oh wow! You have a lot of charms already! You have… how many? Like 3 bracelets?”

I smile at the sales clerk as the tinkling sound of the charms around my bracelets are heard. I extend my arm and admiringly look at all the charms I have acquired for the past couple of years, smirking as I think of how I got all of them.

“How long have you been collecting these charms?”

“Hmm?” I look back towards the clerk. “Oh, uhm… let’s see. A couple of years? Perhaps even more.”

“Wow. You have acquired quite a lot! Are these from your travels perhaps?”

“Hmm…” I hum noncommittally as I start to look at the charms on the display. “You could say that.”

“Well then. What kind of charm are you looking for today? Something unique about Japan maybe? We have this new charm that features the kanji character about love. It has this little crystals that…”

I tune the clerk out as I look over the different charms that she presents, nodding every now and then and asking the occasional question as needed.

If only she knew that my charms are not from my travels but rather from my… conquests.

Smirking inwardly, I absentmindedly fingered the latest charm I got from China, in Shanghai – a panda with green emeralds for its eyes, reminiscent of the latest assignment I did while there.

Biting my lower lip, I remember how his green eyes watered as he begged for his life, arms extended as he tried to ward me off. I remember his cries, his pleas for help that fell on deaf ears. There wasn’t anyone around, except me and him, and the deafening sound of water coming from his rainfall shower.

Closing my eyes briefly, I remember how my knife slowly cut through his flesh, like melted butter. How his screams echoed the tiled walls of his bathroom as he slowly died. Such music to my ears.

Ahhh… It was bliss, finally taking his lowly life. He was a scumbag anyway, cheating millions out of innocent people, climbing his way up via corrupt means. When I actually got the assignment to take a hit on him, I was overjoyed. I totally relished in it.

Yes, I’m a killer. Yes, I’m a murderer. Yes, I’m an assassin. A paid one. And the highest at that. I am the best in what I do and when one hires me to kill, I make sure it’s done properly and as… creatively as possible.

“So, anything that interest you so far from these selection, Miss?”

Going back to the present, I smile as I look back towards the helpful sales clerk.

“Let’s see…” I mutter under my breath, fingering each of the charm she displayed. “Yama in Japanese means mountain, correct?” At her nod, I grin. “Do you perhaps have a charm that relates to that?”

“Ah, yes! I believe we do. We do have not just a mountain charm, we have some hiking boots as well. That could relate to a mountain too. And I think I have some pine trees or something like that also. Let me just get them all so you could check them.”

“Take your time,” I say softly and with a smile, my thoughts going back to the very recent assignment I did here in Shibuya.

And how I left his boots out on the balcony, with his feet still inside it.

“Is Yama a part of a surname of a friend of yours? A boyfriend perhaps?”

This clerk is nosy as hell but whatever. I’m in a good mood anyway.

Smirking once more, I answer, “Yes. You could say that again.”


Sweat beaded on his scrunched brows. There wasn’t any wind from the closeted room he was in. Unmindful of the heat, he was thoroughly concentrated on his task, the bulging muscles on his arms and bare back straining as he methodically clipped the flesh that was in front of him.

He smiled as he felt his blade go through what he was cleaving. The precision with which he was doing what he did, gave him immense satisfaction especially as he watched the blood go down the drain.

Smirking, he raised his steel above his head before bringing it down with all the power he could muster, tearing through flesh and bone. The loud crunching sound as he brought his blade down almost made him moan. It was thorough bliss.

He prided himself in his work. He was precise, refined and oftentimes meticulous. No one could tell him that the output he produces was mediocre. They were always impeccable, absolute, immaculate.


“RJ? Are you almost done?”

He looked up as he hears the lilting voice of his wife from outside.

Donning another grin, he brought down his cleaver once more in exact science before answering, “Yes, my love. This beef for your steak is almost done.”

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