[none. none at all.]

I feel sad.  Tired.  But most of all, just lonely. I just learned yesterday that a friend of mine who’s close to my heart is leaving California.  He’s going back East, back to his hometown.  And he just told me this yesterday. Just yesterday. Sunday. We went to Malibu beach yesterday afternoon and had a relaxing grandContinue reading “[none. none at all.]”

Moving out, Moving up

Micky and I are moving into this cute 3-bedroom, 2-storey townhouse that we found here in Northridge still.  It’s near our work, near the mall, near everything actually.  It’s 15 minutes away from work via bus and 5 minutes away via drive.  Cool huh?  🙂 We’re getting really excited about it since the house is newContinue reading “Moving out, Moving up”