My Brother. The Writer.

Check this out.  My brother wrote a short essay about the Poverty going on in the Philippines.  And I must say – it’s quite a good read and something that must be taken to heart.  And without further ado –         Rich people live in luxury. They eat at 5-star restaurants with the best cuisines in town,Continue reading “My Brother. The Writer.”

Why is it that I feel somehow like this?

She was in her own thoughts as he quietly left their apartment. Or should she say, her apartment. Suddenly she realized what she had given up. She had given up a man who was handsome, intelligent, charming, witty and rich for a man who was biding his time at her house pretending to be herContinue reading “Why is it that I feel somehow like this?”

Leaving. Soon.

“I’m leaving.” Two words.  Two words that I heard from you that night.  Two simple words that I dreaded hearing. “When?” I knew the answer to my own question.  You told me that whatever we had – was not permanent.  That soon, it would be over before we knew it. “Tomorrow night.” Tomorrow.  Tomorrow night, sheContinue reading “Leaving. Soon.”

Too Much…

Dear You, Lately, things aren’t going pretty well for us.  I don’t know what happened.  I don’t know how it came to this.  I don’t know why.  I just couldn’t tell.  Things have been going ok, what happened?  Why? I’ve been trying to understand you.  I’ve been trying to always listen to you and understandContinue reading “Too Much…”

Malibu Beach with Sean 03.25.07

A few miles away from the beach itself Sean asked me to go to Malibu Beach yesterday. He took me to this very secluded private beach where no one was around except for a few and us. And this is where he popped out the news that he’s leaving. So that was why he wantedContinue reading “Malibu Beach with Sean 03.25.07”