Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix by David Yates

*Warning. Major Spoilers Ahead* I was such in awe after watching OoTP that I was so dazed and walking like Luna Lovegood (all dreamy and smiling to myself) when I got out of the theaters. Sure, if you read the book and you’re one of those people that are “by-the-book” then you can get disappointedContinue reading “Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix by David Yates”

STRANDED (A one-shot fanfiction)

(I’m a big fan of Harry Potter.  And this is one result of that.  I write fanfiction about them just for the heck of it.  And don’t kill me if I look delusional in this particular story since I’m shipping a different ship than what is canon.  So forgive me, but this is the ship that IContinue reading “STRANDED (A one-shot fanfiction)”