Seulement Vous (A Short Story)

She was clutching an old, ratty teddy bear close to her chest, while she was browsing through her phone reading about current events and news on her Fox News app. She tightened her hold on said teddy bear when she read about a recent act of terrorism in the French Alps, her beautiful face contortingContinue reading “Seulement Vous (A Short Story)”

Why is it that I feel somehow like this?

She was in her own thoughts as he quietly left their apartment. Or should she say, her apartment. Suddenly she realized what she had given up. She had given up a man who was handsome, intelligent, charming, witty and rich for a man who was biding his time at her house pretending to be herContinue reading “Why is it that I feel somehow like this?”

STRANDED (A one-shot fanfiction)

(I’m a big fan of Harry Potter.  And this is one result of that.  I write fanfiction about them just for the heck of it.  And don’t kill me if I look delusional in this particular story since I’m shipping a different ship than what is canon.  So forgive me, but this is the ship that IContinue reading “STRANDED (A one-shot fanfiction)”