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Soler Maternity Photos (August 2012)

Posted on 4:23PM: These are just a couple of photos I took of Janette, Chris, little Sebastian (still in mommy’s tummy) and cutie Yumi 🙂 Hair and Makeup by Mary Ann. Shot on location in Orange County, California.  I forgot where they are exactly but I did shoot some photos over at Aliso Beach and a park over at Rancho Santa Margarita.  I’m collating the rest of the photos from this shoot and will upload here soon.  For now, here’s a teaser.  🙂

*UPDATE as of 4:34PM: So I was able to collate most of the photos I took and posted for this particular maternity photo shoot immediately after I posted.  That was quick.  Yay me!   🙂  LOL.  Anyway – you can message me if you have any questions about this shoot.  You can always reach me through the comments section of this blog or you could email me at  Toodles!! 🙂


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