It’s all Stress-related

With all the stress I’m having right now, it’s a surprise I’m still standing. 

I’m exhausted. Seriously.




Sometimes, I really just want to take a break from everything.  You know, just lie somewhere and sleep all the problems away.  But that would never accomplish anything.  And knowing how I am, I wouldn’t be able to sit still anyway.  I would always try to find something to do.  Even if sometimes, those get me into trouble. 

I’m juggling three jobs right now.  It’s all good though since I work on my own hours.  Though that means working from 9 in the morning, making calls and emailing people, going to meetings and attending events till around 3AM the following day to do editing and design. 

I have a couple of events coming up and I work as a Marketing Consultant for both.  I’m an Account Executive for a newly established magazine.  I do graphic design and creative photography on the side as well.

Wait.  Those are not three.  It’s actually four.


To top it off, my hubby and I are not in good terms right now.

I’m no super woman.  But I don’t know why I take on these things and start complaining when things get rough.  I know these things are bound to happen to me when I took on these projects and responsibilities but nevertheless, I like it. I want it.  I actually NEED it. 

Am I crazy or what?  Am I really just that high-strung?  Am I a masochist?!

Oh well…  If you combine all of those, that would mean I’m a high-strung, crazy masochist. 

San ka pa?! 

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