To Dance

As you pull me into your arms,
Look into my eyes –
With such adoration and love,
I melt.

Whenever I stare at you
When your arms tighten around me,
I am once again reminded…
Of how it’s always going to be
You and me.

Your gaze softens,
As they slide down –
Towards my lips…
I see your pupils widen
Your eyes suddenly darken
The sudden heat palpable
Between us.

My knees start to buckle
Your hands enticingly skim my back
You hold me closer, tighter
Until our breaths mingle;
Our hearts start to beat
A fast staccato
Whispering and clamoring,
For the need to be one.

But then the music stops.
And you have to let go.

As you gently shove me away,
With your hand still linked with mine –
We face our audience,
And with their applause
We take our bow.

I take a gander at you
Your lips quirking up,
A hint of that bedimpled smile showing
A sudden twinkle in your eye.

And then you whisper,

“We will dance again
Later – much later.
When there will be no one
To watch and stop us.
Where it will be
Just us.”

And I quiver with anticipation.


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