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Hello, doll… (A Short Story)

A really good friend and soul sister of mine sent me this writing prompt when I was in a kind of writing stump. To be honest, I had fun writing this. And I hope this delivered. πŸ’•


β€œAhhhh shit,” he winces as he suddenly feels his left inside wrist burn.

He knows what it means, even as he watches the mark fascinatingly etch itself onto his seemingly unmarred skin – branding him, calling him, summoning him.

He gives a deep sigh before getting out of the old, abandoned car he found stalled beside an unnamed stretch of highway. He’s been hanging out here for devil knows how long, knowing that sooner or later, he will be… called.

He stretches and groans satisfyingly, feeling his back muscles pop. How long has it been since he moved? He’s gotten so still as he… waited. Continue reading “Hello, doll… (A Short Story)”

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Unbalanced – A Short Story

He’s seen her.

From the beginning of his concert from the stage until now. Even with the bright lights shining down on him, the loud sounds of the arena all around, he still sees her.

She’s not exactly up front but she’s quite close that he can still make out what she looks like. Her long, brown hair flowing around her shoulders, her dark yet smoldering, bright eyes, and those full pink lips, smirking.

Continue reading “Unbalanced – A Short Story”

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In Anger and Love


You stand there in front of me
Just within my reach,
Your hair – a mess
Your face – scarlet
Your voice – hoarse
As you tried to make me see,
Make me understand
Make me believe.

You know I am seething
You know I am trying
To control myself
From lashing out
Because I don’t want —
You to hurt
You to cry
You to —

Hate me all you want
Love me afterwards
Scream at me
Claw at me

And when all is said and done
Come to me
Let me —
Calm you down
Dry your tears
Hug you tight
Kiss you tenderly
Love you…



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I, You


I hear you, you know
As you slam the door
As you stomp your feet
As you scream at me
I hear you.

I see you, you know
As you pout your lips
As you furrow your brows
As your eyes tear up
I see you.

I feel you, you know
As you turn your back
As you sob quietly
As you shake your head
I feel you.

I love you, you know
Even when you’re seething
Even when you’re crying
Even when you’re leaving
I love you.


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When I Look At You

You came into my life unexpectedly.
I never expected love to pass by me,
I never expected to love and be loved in return,
I never expected

When I look at you, I see the stars
Shining in your eyes
As they reflect the brightness of your soul
That when you look at me
I feel complete. Content. Loved.

When I see you smile back at me,
I see endless joy and happiness.
Your smile takes out the gloominess
That used to hang around my head.
My heart, no longer filled with dread
Because you had me freed.

Your hand as they latched onto mine
The warmth it exudes,
The softness of your palms
The connection that you offer
When you squeeze and hold
Never letting go.

When I gaze at you, I see forever
I see us growing old together
I see you with white hair, walking beside me
By the sea, as the waves touch our feet
Our hands still entwined
Your smile still, always – mine.

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The Exact Day

I don’t really remember the exact day
Of when I fell for you.
But I do remember the first time
You smiled at me,
Eyes wide and shining;
That shy smile that changed
My world.

I don’t remember the exact day
When I realized I was already yours.
But I do remember that time
You first reached out to me,
And I held your hand in mine tightly,
And sparks simply flew around.
I knew then that I wouldn’t
Let you go.

I don’t remember the exact day
When you realized you were mine.
But I do remember that one time
When our lips first touched.
When you shuddered in my arms,
And I took your silent gasp,
And sealed our forever.

Now we’re both here,
Standing in front of each other
Standing in front of these people
Standing in front of a million others.
And this — This I will remember,
This exact day as we both say,
“I do… I will love you forever.”


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Coffee (A Poem)

I am sitting here
Alone with just my coffee
Sipping it slightly
Waiting for you.

I smile out of the blue
When you come rushing through the door,
In a whirlwind of robust colors.

You stand there for a moment
Looking around
Until your eyes find mine;
The world simply stops
And suddenly – it’s just you and me.

You smile and your eyes light up;
I keep on smiling
As you walk towards me.

And finally when you reach me,
You take the coffee from my hand
Sip it like it is yours
Look at me and say,
“Exactly how I want it to be,
You, me and coffee.”

@wuthie16 | 05/05/2016

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Prompted Poems and Haikus

So a friend over at Twitter (Ninna at @ninnabautista if you want to check out her Twitter) prompted a lot of us with one-word prompts last night and we had to make a line, a convo or a poem or a haiku based on that one-word prompt in 140 characters or less. Β That was the challenge. Β Here are my takes on those prompts.



You hide behind those
Eyes closed, mouth open, body taut.
And yet through the sheerness of it –
I see you.
All of you.



I tried to get you to yield,
To melt,
To relent with me.
But it seems like
I am left in this heat alone.
Without you.



Behind this euphoria is a blur I can’t define.
Behind my smiles are tears I can’t show.
You daze me yet I’m alone.



Please. I begged.
Just stop. I said.
You still kept on.
And on.
And on.
And I was left.
On the side.
All alone.



Cold and shivering.
Wrapped in your arms.
Bodies clashing.
Heat intense.
Do I need your jacket?
You are enough.



Your feed used to be
Filled with you, me, memories
Now it’s you and her



You eat me alive.
Bite me till I’m empty and dry.
Kiss me with your sharp mouth.
Bloody but –
I plead for more.



I have been waiting.
Alone. By myself. For you.
The hour’s up. You’re gone.

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To Dance

As you pull me into your arms,
Look into my eyes –
With such adoration and love,
I melt.

Whenever I stare at you
When your arms tighten around me,
I am once again reminded…
Of how it’s always going to be
You and me.

Your gaze softens,
As they slide down –
Towards my lips…
I see your pupils widen
Your eyes suddenly darken
The sudden heat palpable
Between us.

My knees start to buckle
Your hands enticingly skim my back
You hold me closer, tighter
Until our breaths mingle;
Our hearts start to beat
A fast staccato
Whispering and clamoring,
For the need to be one.

But then the music stops.
And you have to let go.

As you gently shove me away,
With your hand still linked with mine –
We face our audience,
And with their applause
We take our bow.

I take a gander at you
Your lips quirking up,
A hint of that bedimpled smile showing
A sudden twinkle in your eye.

And then you whisper,

“We will dance again
Later – much later.
When there will be no one
To watch and stop us.
Where it will be
Just us.”

And I quiver with anticipation.