In Anger and Love

IN ANGER AND LOVE You stand there in front of me Just within my reach, Your hair – a mess Your face – scarlet Your voice – hoarse As you tried to make me see, Make me understand Make me believe. You know I am seething You know I am trying To control myself FromContinue reading “In Anger and Love”

When I Look At You

You came into my life unexpectedly. I never expected love to pass by me, I never expected to love and be loved in return, I never expected You. When I look at you, I see the stars Shining in your eyes As they reflect the brightness of your soul That when you look at meContinue reading “When I Look At You”

The Exact Day

I don’t really remember the exact day Of when I fell for you. But I do remember the first time You smiled at me, Eyes wide and shining; That shy smile that changed My world. I don’t remember the exact day When I realized I was already yours. But I do remember that time YouContinue reading “The Exact Day”

Coffee (A Poem)

I am sitting here Alone with just my coffee Sipping it slightly Waiting for you. I smile out of the blue When you come rushing through the door, In a whirlwind of robust colors. You stand there for a moment Looking around Until your eyes find mine; The world simply stops And suddenly – it’sContinue reading “Coffee (A Poem)”

Bago (A Filipino Poem)

Ang sarap ng tamis ng bagong pagibig Ang sarap mahulog paulit-ulit Sa iyong mga bisig at halik Patuloy akong nanunumbalik Bagamat marami silang nagsasabi Pagibig mo’y hindi puro luwalhati Hindi ko pa rin kayang ika’y iwan Puso ko’y sinisigaw ang iyong ngalan Hindi ako naniniwala Sa mga naririnig na bali-balita Na ikaw daw ay hindiContinue reading “Bago (A Filipino Poem)”

Prompted Poems and Haikus

So a friend over at Twitter (Ninna at @ninnabautista if you want to check out her Twitter) prompted a lot of us with one-word prompts last night and we had to make a line, a convo or a poem or a haiku based on that one-word prompt in 140 characters or less.  That was theContinue reading “Prompted Poems and Haikus”

To Dance

As you pull me into your arms, Look into my eyes – With such adoration and love, I melt. Whenever I stare at you When your arms tighten around me, I am once again reminded… Of how it’s always going to be You and me. Your gaze softens, As they slide down – Towards myContinue reading “To Dance”