Hello, doll… (A Short Story)

A really good friend and soul sister of mine sent me this writing prompt when I was in a kind of writing stump. To be honest, I had fun writing this. And I hope this delivered. 💕


“Ahhhh shit,” he winces as he suddenly feels his left inside wrist burn.

He knows what it means, even as he watches the mark fascinatingly etch itself onto his seemingly unmarred skin – branding him, calling him, summoning him.

He gives a deep sigh before getting out of the old, abandoned car he found stalled beside an unnamed stretch of highway. He’s been hanging out here for devil knows how long, knowing that sooner or later, he will be… called.

He stretches and groans satisfyingly, feeling his back muscles pop. How long has it been since he moved? He’s gotten so still as he… waited.

He then struts pompously towards the middle of a dirt crossroad, a few meters away, whistling a happy tune under his breath.

Any demon you ask knows that it’s always easier to go to different places from a crossroad.

A smirk finds its way onto his blood red lips and with a snap of his fingers and a flash of gleaming yellow in his eyes – he disappears.

Where he would appear almost instantaneously at the place where he is being summoned. The only place he knows where he WILL be summoned.

Just one place.

Her place.


“Hello, doll,” he purrs in an enticing honeyed voice as he appears inside her bedroom in a cloud of yellow smoke.

He briefly wonders why he is summoned days (or has it been weeks?) after he gave her the… tools to call him.

Did anything happen between that time and now that she would only call for him at this time? Are her parents perhaps bothering her again?

Does he need to… step in?

He licks his lips as he thinks of what he can do to her parents if that is indeed the case. And what kind of… exchange he can ask for from her.

Her back is facing him as she sits on the floor not too far from where he stands. He could see her slender neck as she cocks her head to the side, as if listening if he is indeed where he said he would be when she calls.

Then finally, she turns.

And he is surprised when he sees her calculating look.

She slowly gazes at him from head to toe, her eyes taking all of him in, stopping a little at his black shirt covered chest, before a sensual smirk appears on her soft, pink lips.

What is this girl suddenly thinking?

Well, if he is summoned for another… thing other than what he initially offered – he won’t really mind.

He returns her smirk with one of his own.

He finally takes a step towards her, “Fancy seeing you he—,” and finds that he COULD NOT.

Suddenly alarmed, he quickly looks down, finally seeing where he is standing before looking back up and finding her hard stare.

“What the—”

She chuckles humorlessly. “Yes, fancy seeing you here indeed.”

His smirk falls and his eyes flash yellow in sudden anger. “What is this?” He asks her quietly in all seriousness, his voice suddenly dripping with venom. “What is the meaning of this?”

“You know very well what this is.”

He again tries to move, even though he knows he won’t be able to. The circle she drew on her bedroom floor is a holding circle for demons like him. He only notices now how it is currently glowing a faint red, trapping him helplessly inside it. And though he is one of the more stronger demons, he still won’t be able to break free out of this particular circle so easily.

Because this circle is a strong holding circle. And it actually just told him that he is dealing with one of the stronger and older families of… hunters.

“You tricked me,” he hisses accusingly. “When all I wanted to do was to—”

“Help me?” She laughs mercilessly at this. “That’s rich, coming from you, you filthy demon.” She then takes an ancient looking blade from her bedside table, lovingly fingering its sharp point, her hard gaze still on him.

He starts to breathe heavily when he realizes what blade she is holding. No. Fuck. No.

“Though to be honest, I didn’t think that it would still work, pretending to be abused,” she muses, now walking around him, the blade casually hanging from her dainty hand. “Especially on you, one of the stronger ones. You’re way up in the hierarchy, aren’t you? Your boss won’t be too happy if you get banished back to hell, will he now?”

“Fuck you!”

She laughs again, tauntingly. “No, thank you. Even though you look good. For a demon.”

“This isn’t the end of this,” he hisses at her menacingly, his eyes glowing yellow now as she steps inside the circle, knowing fully well what will happen next. “Banishing me won’t stop me from coming back. And when I come back—”

“I’ll be here,” she purrs this time as she looks at him straight, that sensual smirk back on her lips. She walks closer to him and places a lithe hand on his broad chest, feeling for a heart that isn’t really there. Then she tiptoes and whispers in his ear, “I’ll be waiting. And I’ll be ready,” before stabbing the ancient blade straight and without hesitation on his chest.

He isn’t able to scream and thrash even though the burning pain of being banished is excruciating. Not when that damned circle is holding him quite hard. And not when he suddenly feels the ground opening up and his essence being swallowed wholly.

He settled for staring stonily at her and memorizing everything there is to memorize about her. He won’t forget her, ever. Demons have long memories anyway.

And he doesn’t think he would be able to forget that angelic-looking face smirking sensually at him, just as the ground closes around his head and he is thrown straight back to hell.

His lips form a smirk of their own despite the anger he is feeling and the pain in all his limbs tearing through him.

I’ll be back. And it’ll be for you, doll. I promise.

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