Nifty Photos :)

These are photos that I randomly shot from the year 2006 to 2011 all using my trusty Nikon Camera (yes, my camera is that old.  I know I need to replace it but…). I don’t remember most of my settings here (although I would be able to tell if I study each photo hard enough,Continue reading “Nifty Photos :)”

Fairy (Concept Photo 2011)

I didn’t really like the set of photos that I took for this shoot. 😦  There were numerous models and I wasn’t entirely happy with the batch I took.  But this is the only photo from that shoot that I really did love.  So I will only post this one photo from that.  🙂 Model:Continue reading “Fairy (Concept Photo 2011)”

Maria (2010)

PORTFOLIO MODEL PHOTO SHOOT Beauty Shots / Close Ups Model: Maria Trinidad Cruz Photos by: Ruth Medina-Ilasco Shot using Nikon D40, F15, 1/250, ISO200 Lighting: Ruth Medina-Ilasco and Alex Pascual Make up: Kate Sagalongos Minor Post via Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS5  

Guerin Piercy (2010)

PORTFOLIO PHOTO SHOOT Model: Guerin Piercy Photos by: Ruth Medina-Ilasco Location: Studio somewhere at Winnetka, CA Shot using Nikon D40, 55MM Lens Minor PP using CS5 and LR2 Make Up: Mary Ann Lighting: Duv Omega and Ritchie Perez Art Direction: Duv Omega

Dustin & Cazzy (Sept. 2010)

Models: Dustin Zahursky and Cazzy Golomb Photos by: Ruth Medina-Ilasco Location: Studio at Winnetka, CA Hair and Make Up: Mary Ann Lighting: Duvie Omega and Ritchie Perez Art Direction: Duvie Omega I did this one shoot where I said I wanted one that has a Calvin Klein feel or Guess feel to it.  I’m notContinue reading “Dustin & Cazzy (Sept. 2010)”

Mishi & Lloyd (August 2010)

Models: Mishi Magno and Lloyd Villoria Photo by: Ruth Medina-Ilasco Shot using Nikon D40, 55mm, F11, 1/500 ISO400 Lighting: California Sunbounce / Ambient Lighting / Carlo Ilasco Hair and Make Up: Paula Mauricio Location: Ilasco Residence, Rancho Santa Margarita, California Edited via: Photoshop CS2 and LR2 So here we have a model photoshoot that IContinue reading “Mishi & Lloyd (August 2010)”

Soler Maternity Photos (August 2012)

Posted on 4:23PM: These are just a couple of photos I took of Janette, Chris, little Sebastian (still in mommy’s tummy) and cutie Yumi 🙂 Hair and Makeup by Mary Ann. Shot on location in Orange County, California.  I forgot where they are exactly but I did shoot some photos over at Aliso Beach and aContinue reading “Soler Maternity Photos (August 2012)”