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A Subway Short

I’ve been publishing some of my short stories over at sweetbookswg.com. Do check me out over there. I’m part of a group of talented women who writes to empower and entertain. Watch out for our first anthology!

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He was running late, cursing under his breath as he raced towards the stairs going down the train subway. Why today of all days his car decided to die on him, he couldn’t fathom. Today – when he had that meeting he asked his secretary to schedule in an hour that would bring in millions to his company.

“Shit,” he muttered just as he reached the kiosks to buy his train ticket, patting his pockets and realizing his wallet was nowhere to be found on his person. He groaned before closing his eyes and banging his head lightly on the metal ticket dispenser in front of him. “Of all the motherfucking–”

“Looking for this?”

He stopped and opened his eyes before quickly turning around. He almost gave himself a whiplash as he looked towards the soft, melodious voice that uttered those words, his gaze narrowing as he finally saw who…

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Of Ice Creams and Staying In

“Can we stay in tonight?” he asked as he plopped down on the couch beside her, almost making her drop her bowl of ice cream. He groaned in satisfaction as his back hit the soft, suede of the couch, closing his eyes as he breathed deeply.

It was Friday and it was also date night. Usually, after work – they would go straight to wherever it was they agreed to meet up for dinner perhaps a movie after, then maybe a night cap in a bar somewhere. Tonight though, she went home instead – since she was out early and knew that he needed to overtime a bit in his office.

She was in her shorts and one of his shirts that she loves to wear, more comfortable in his clothes instead of her own as she thought of having a little treat before their supposed date, prompting her to get some ice cream from their fridge. When he came in the door, she almost dropped the ice cream in her hand – as he jostled her unintentionally.

She looked at him, frowning and deadpanned, “You almost made me drop my ice cream.”

He turned his head towards her and grinned, “I’m sorry, love. But can we?”

“Can we what?” she asked as she put a spoonful of the cold ice cream in her mouth, moaning at the first bite of cold seeping through her tongue.

He stared at her, his eyes slowly darkening as she closed her eyes and savored the avocado flavor of the ice cream she held in her hand, suddenly imagining the things they could do with it. Her moaning got him all hot and bothered.

“Can we what?” she repeated her question just as she swallowed the ice cream and had to stifle a gasp when she turned to him and noticed him staring at her heatedly.

“I said, can we stay in tonight?” he murmured as one of his fingers slowly worked its way up on her exposed thigh. He marveled at her soft, olive toned skin, smirking when he heard her soft gasp.

“Uhm, w-why?” she stammered as she tried to get her composure. What was it with this man that always made her lose control? Was it the way he always would stare at her intensely? Or maybe his disarming smile and deep dimple? Perhaps a combination of both – which he was doing right at that moment.

Yep. It was both.

“I want to do something else aside from our usual date night,” he continued, his voice low as he scooted closer to her, his whole hand now caressing her thigh. He then leaned towards her and started to nuzzle her neck, groaning lowly in his throat as she tilted her head to the side to give him more access.

“Which is?” she was whispering now, the bowl of ice cream threatening to fall from her shaking fingers as she moaned when she felt his tongue dart out to lick the heated skin along her clavicle.

“Rock your world,” he whispered back before sucking on her pulse point, his hand now under his loose shirt on her, slowly traversing the soft expanse of her tummy towards her bra-less breasts.

“And how do y-you… oh, god… propose we do that?”

He grinned against her skin, feeling triumphant that his seduction worked as he took the bowl of ice cream from her hands and set it on top of the coffee table. He grinned wider just as he thought of something as the coldness of the ice cream bowl left his hand.

He then went back to her and in one swift motion, had her lying on the couch on her back as he hovered over her. She squealed and giggled as she looked up at him, her eyes shining in mirth. Her laughs, however, slowly turned to moans and breathy gasps just as he leaned down and started to earnestly kiss her, his mouth moving on top of hers as he explored the inside of her mouth with his tongue.

“You. Me. This ice cream,” he softly said, in answer to her earlier question. “I think I want to have dessert prior to dinner. And I think I want to have it in bed. As you ride me and rock my world completely.”

She didn’t answer anymore, her arms going around him as she pulled him closer to her.

And both were lost.

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Of Satin Ribbons and Sunrises

For Pia.

The satin ribbon gracefully danced with the wind while it held her final breath.


“Love, can you push me outside?” she called softly for her husband of 50 years, as she twirled a white satin ribbon in her dainty, fragile hands – the same ribbon that she wore on her hair during their wedding. She wanted to see the rising of the sun, feeling that this might be the last time that she would be able to do so.

“Wait for a minute, my love,” she heard him answer her back from somewhere around the house. She waited for but a few heartbeats before she finally felt her wheelchair move.

“Won’t you be cold here outside?” her husband lovingly asked, even as he draped a thick comforter around her frail shoulders once they were outside on their patio. “I don’t understand why you want to get out of the house this early. It’s not even 5 o’clock yet. Plus it’s a bit cold here in the beach house and yet you still want to –”

“I’m all right, love,” she answered, cutting him off, looking up at him, smiling, trying to reach for his hand which he gladly gave. “I just want to see the sunrise, that’s all. Even for the last time…”

“Don’t say that,” he whispered, squeezing her hand lightly. He knelt beside her before planting a kiss on her temple. “You would still experience a ton of sunrises and sunsets. This won’t be your last. Wasn’t it only –”

“My love,” she interrupted once more, her other hand that was holding the ribbon – reaching up to touch his face. She smiled at him, amidst the pain in her frail body. She smiled at him, even through his worry for her. She smiled at him, like nothing was amiss. “I’ve accepted it already. You should too. Doctors said anytime now, remember? They couldn’t do anything for me anymore. As long as I’m comfortable. That’s the only thing that matters now. At least even in my death – I’m here. With you.”


“I love you.”

He closed his eyes, as a lone tear escaped which she lovingly wiped away. She leaned down and gave him a kiss which he softly returned. She smiled against his lips as she felt the soft rays of the rising sun on her face.

She gently pulled away as she watched the sun starting to rise on the horizon, painting the sky with its orange and yellow hues, the light blue backdrop beginning to shine through. She watched as the moon and the twinkling stars bid her goodbye to welcome the new day that the sun was bringing.

“It’s so beautiful,” she whispered with a smile, her eyes not leaving the beauty of a new day even though her breathing was becoming slightly labored.

“Love, are you still ok? I should take you back in. It’s getting chilly for you out here even with the sun rising. It’s not good for you. We could always go again in a — Love? Love?! LOVE!”

Her head suddenly slumped backwards, her hand in his slacking. Her hand that was holding the ribbon, falling on the side of the wheelchair – letting go of the ribbon. The wind picked it up, making it sway and dance as it took it in its embrace.

She took her final breath, watching the sun rise, watching a new day unfold, with the love of her life, with the memory of the happiest time in her life, with a smile on her face.


A/N: May pinagdadaanan lang. 

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He smiles as he watches her, thinking how much of a lucky bastard he is that she said yes to him when he proposed.

“What are you thinking?” she asks him as she turns her head towards him, catching him off guard, making his breath slightly hitch – with the beatific grin she has on her lips.

“How lucky I am that you are mine,” he replies softly, honestly – showing her his infamous bedimpled smile.

She smiles wider as she scoots closer to him, wraps her slender arms around his neck and plants a kiss on his lips.

“I am luckier because I have you.”

He savors her kisses as he closes his eyes, pulling her closer so he feels the beating of her heart against his.

Yes, he’s one lucky bastard indeed.

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First Night

They were cuddling on the bed with barely their underwear on, eyes gazing at each other, fingers grazing each other’s skin as they slowly smiled.




“Hi,” he softly whispered.

“Hi, yourself,” she whispered back.

He then leaned towards her and gave her the softest of kisses on her lips. She responded, slowly at first, kissing him fully, her lithe hands traveling to his nape.

Then the kiss turned fiery.


All consuming.

Red hot and burning.

He broke away panting. “Another?”

She opened her eyes, gasping. “Yes. Oh, yes.”

Together – they delved.

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In Anger and Love


You stand there in front of me
Just within my reach,
Your hair – a mess
Your face – scarlet
Your voice – hoarse
As you tried to make me see,
Make me understand
Make me believe.

You know I am seething
You know I am trying
To control myself
From lashing out
Because I don’t want —
You to hurt
You to cry
You to —

Hate me all you want
Love me afterwards
Scream at me
Claw at me

And when all is said and done
Come to me
Let me —
Calm you down
Dry your tears
Hug you tight
Kiss you tenderly
Love you…



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I, You


I hear you, you know
As you slam the door
As you stomp your feet
As you scream at me
I hear you.

I see you, you know
As you pout your lips
As you furrow your brows
As your eyes tear up
I see you.

I feel you, you know
As you turn your back
As you sob quietly
As you shake your head
I feel you.

I love you, you know
Even when you’re seething
Even when you’re crying
Even when you’re leaving
I love you.


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Seulement Vous (A Short Story)

She was clutching an old, ratty teddy bear close to her chest, while she was browsing through her phone reading about current events and news on her Fox News app. She tightened her hold on said teddy bear when she read about a recent act of terrorism in the French Alps, her beautiful face contorting into a frown.

He came in from the kitchen of the lake house they were renting for that week, holding an apple in one hand and found her curled on the couch in her satin camis and shorts, with the ratty teddy bear and a frown on her brows. He chuckled to himself as he observed her, crossing his arms across his chest and took a quick bite of the apple he was holding.

The crunch of the apple had her looking up from her phone and frowning even more when she saw him grinning widely at her as he was chewing. She then went back to her phone and ignored the chuckles that was coming from him.

He sighed and shook his head, a smile still on his face as he walked towards her. He gently sat beside her lying form, lifting her legs up and putting it on his lap as he sat down.

“What are you doing?” he asked as he continued to munch on the apple.

“Reading,” she answered shortly.

“Grouch,” he teased under his breath, caressing her legs.

“I heard that.”

“I intended for you to,” he retorted, the grin still not leaving his face to which she simply rolled her eyes and continued on reading the news on her phone.

“What is that you’re reading?”

“Will you never stop with the questions?” she asked, sitting up, frowning at him with a matching pout on her lips.

He chortled. “Will you never stop clutching that old teddy bear when we’re not out and about?” he gestured towards the teddy that was still in her arms.

“For your information, this teddy bear –”

“Was given to you by your dad when you were only 3 years old and it’s the only thing of importance that you remember from your childhood with him,” he finished, leaning towards her and giving her a soft kiss on her lips. “I know that, babe. Don’t answer a question with another question,” he whispered when he moved his head away from her.

She sighed and reached out to ruffle his hair, to which he complained, making her chuckle. She then proceeded to tuck herself beside him, his arms automatically going around her shoulders. She continued on reading, however, much to his dismay.

“What is that you’re reading that’s so important you even ignore me on our vacation?” he exasperatedly asked, placing the apple core on the table beside the couch.

“Current news, love.”

After a few heartbeats, he then asked again, “Ok – and then?” She looked up at him, confused at his impatient tone. “Babe, you’ve been giving me short answers all night. What about the current news? What is so important about the current news that has you so engrossed in it, you ignore your new husband, hmmm?”

This time, she grinned when he pouted at her like a five-year old. She reached up and gave him a tender kiss, that quickly evolved into a deeper one when he gently grasped her head and opened her lips with his, his tongue quickly but softly dancing with hers. She moaned appreciatively but cut the kiss short before it got hotter and heavier.

“I’m reading about this terrorist who attacked a mother and her 3 daughters in the French Alps,” she breathlessly explained. “Given that we’re here honeymooning in Lake Annecy, I thought I should be aware of what’s going on around us as well.”

“Where exactly did this act of terror happened?” he asked, frowning, suddenly serious as he tried to look for the remote control to open the TV and watch the news.


When he couldn’t find the remote control anywhere, he took her phone from her, ignoring her protests and opened her maps app to check how far away they were from the said terror attack, brows furrowing. He swiped up and down her phone, still frowning. Then stopped, looking quickly at her. Then he went back and read the news from her news app.

“Babe?” he asked after a few seconds.

“Yes, love?” she anxiously replied, sitting up straight, grappling the teddy bear tighter in her arms. “Is it near us? Do we need to move from this lake house? I could call the landlord and say that –” she stopped when she heard him chuckle. “What’s funny? Hey! What’s funny?! Why are you suddenly laughing??”

He was outright laughing at this point. “Oh, babe. Babe, babe, babe…” he said while shaking his head and pulled her towards him. He gave her a light kiss on her forehead, circled his arms around her and caressed her arms up and down. “Calm down. Laragne is 150 miles away from us. Plus the news didn’t say it was an act of terrorism. Just a crazy dude who attacked a mom. Don’t fret anymore.”

“You were able to gather all that in those few seconds you took my phone?!” she exclaimed incredulously, grabbing her phone back from him to see for herself.

He shrugged even as he gathered her in his arms, pulling her even closer to him so that she was sitting on his lap. He started to nuzzle her neck, breathing in her scent, planting a soft kiss on her skin, here and there.

“I’m a fast reader,” he breathed, slowly tracing her skin with his lips. “And I’m very, very good at swiping and changing apps with my fingers,” he added, his fingers now travelling up and down her thighs, circling her skin, making her giggle.

“Stop that!” she teasingly chided, slapping his hands away, half-heartedly. “It tickles.”

“I know a place where you’re more ticklish,” he whispered in her ear, nibbling on it.

“Naughty boy,” she murmured, even as she gave him more access to her neck, tilting her head to the side. To which of course, he immediately dived in and gave her soft, open-mouthed kisses.

“Hmmm… As much as I want to stay indoors, I rented the boat out for tonight,” he mumbled, still giving her kisses, nipping the skin on her shoulder.

“Can we just cancel and stay in?”

He moved away from feasting on her neck and sighed. “I’d really love to do that, babe. You know that. But this would be the 4th time we’ll do that if ever and I don’t think the boat renter will be happy with us anymore.”

She giggled. “And whose fault was it that we weren’t able to go the last three times?” she teased, one eyebrow going up in challenge.

He simply shook his head and laughed, carrying her in his arms as he stood up, gently placing her back on the ground. “Go, dress up,” he ordered, slapping her butt affectionately as she was walking away. “And bring a sweater. It might get chilly tonight.”

Half an hour later and they were on the lake boat that he rented that night, lazily gliding down the middle of the lake. He then turned off the motor of the boat when he was sure that he maneuvered them far away from most of the boats that were still out that night, to have a sense of privacy even outdoors.

She was sitting down at the other end of the boat, her head tilted up, a small smile on her lips as she looked towards the clear, night skies. He came and sat beside her, not before getting a chilled wine from the cooler he brought with them, two wine glasses and some cut apples with the special caramel she liked from the province of Brittany.

She smiled brightly at him as he was approaching, and he answered her back with a soft smile of his own. He poured her a glass of the crisp pinot grigio and put down the apples with the caramel between them to share.

“Hmmm… You brought my favorites,” she quipped, taking a sip from her glass and biting into an apple slice. “Plus this boat, the clear skies, the moon and the stars twinkling above. You do know how to spoil me, love.”

“You forgot one more thing, babe.”


“Me. You also have me.”

She laughed her tinkering laugh, making him smile even wider, finding joy in her happiness. “You’re so cheesy,” she told him.

“Yet you still love me.”

She continued on chuckling. “That I do, love. That I do. You’re my favorite brand of cheese.”

“Now, who’s being the cheesy one?” he teased, earning him a playful smack on his arm.

“Shush, you.”

She then moved the plate of apples and caramel to one side and cuddled beside him, his arms automatically going around her once more. She sighed, contented, as she leaned her head on his shoulders. They both looked up towards the skies appreciating it being littered with lots of stars that night, with the moon being the only thing shining down brightly on them.

“I love how the moon is so bright that you do not need to turn on the boat’s lights,” she commented, taking another sip from her glass and a bite of an apple slice dipped in caramel.

“I’m glad that we took the boat out tonight when it’s full moon too,” he replied, turning his head to give her a kiss on her forehead. She tilted her head towards him and gave him a kiss back on his stubbled chin.

“Thank you,” she whispered, reaching up to caress his cheek, smiling when he turned towards her, his eyes shining and full of love. “This whole week has been wonderful.”

He leaned down and gave her one of the softest kisses she had ever received in her life. “Thank you for saying yes to me,” he whispered back, staring at her. “You are wonderful. And I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“We already started,” she whispered back, her eyes closing of their own accord when he swooped down again for another kiss.

“That we did, babe. That we did,” he replied softly as he looked at her lovingly, remembering everything that they had to go through before getting to where they were now.


“Uh, miss?”

She was startled out of her reverie when someone snuck up on her that she fell from the tree root that she was sitting on. “Ouch!”

“Oh my, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you. Are you ok?” the voice that surprised her asked, coming to her rescue and helping her up gently. 

She didn’t reply but was grumbling to herself and was about to tell the person to mind their own business when she looked up and saw the most gorgeous, deep brown eyes she had ever seen, staring back at her worriedly. 

“Uhm…” she started but was unable to continue. “I… Well…”

“Are you all right? Is there anything that hurts? I really am sorry,” he started to babble incessantly, which she suddenly found cute. “But you see – I didn’t expect to see anyone here since this is a closed mine. Ours, yes. But still closed. I’m with some engineers back there who are also with my father so we could check this abandoned mine to finally see the cause of why it collapsed. We wanted to see if it can be opened again.  See?  They’re over there,” he explained as he pointed towards a group of men who was inspecting the other entrance to the mine. “What are you even doing here? This place is actually off-limits.”

She suddenly remembered why she was there and smiled forlornly, looking towards the other closed entrance where she was actually seated. “My dad died here when I was nine. We were never able to retrieve a body. He was a miner.” She looked at him and added, “Probably one of your miners, too. If you’re saying that this mine is actually yours.”

“Oh,” he softly intoned. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

Her only reply was a sad smile as she stood up and then she started to walk away.


“You’re here again.”

She turned her head and smiled when she saw him walking towards her. This has been their fifth time “bumping” into each other at the mine. “I always try to come here and pay my respects to my dad. You already know this.”

“You must love him very much.”

“I do. He was a great man.”

“Where’s your mom?” 

At this, she frowned at the different question than that of what he usually asks then shook her head. “At home. Afraid to even leave. Afraid of letting me go. I actually snuck out just to go here.”

“Wow. That must be really hard for you. Well, for both of you.”


“Hey, listen,” he started and his tone made her look at him questioningly. She watched as he grabbed his nape, an act of nervousness, and smiled sheepishly. “Uh… How do I say this without sounding like a turd?” She smiled as he talked to himself. “Would you – uh… Well, would you like to have dinner with me? Tonight? If it’s not too much trouble. I’d just really like to get to know you better. You know, aside from meeting here every time.”

She looked at him and made him sweat for a bit, to which she smiled inwardly. Then she asked, “Why?”

“You intrigue me,” he said honestly, softly as he looked into her eyes.

She saw his sincerity that she smiled then nodded in affirmation. He smiled back, then took her hand.

This time, they walked away together.


“I will marry her and you can’t do anything to stop it!” he screamed at his parents, particularly at his father, who had a huge scowl on his face while his mother was in the background, sniffling. “I love her…” 

“Son, you can’t just…”

He raised his hand up to stop his father from continuing what he wanted to say. “No, father. I’ve had enough of your meddling with my life. The same with you, mother. I’ve had enough of you parading these different… Socialites,” he spewed out vehemently. “In front of me. I won’t ever like any of them. I only love one. And that’s her. And I will marry her. Whether you like it or not.”

“I will cut your inheritance from you,” his father threatened to which he only laughed. 

“Go ahead! I don’t care! I’d rather be poor and be with her, than be wealthy and unhappy without her.” He started to walk away from his parents, intent on leaving them behind.

“But she’s a nobody!” his mother shrieked. 

He turned around once more, anger in his features as he quietly replied. “And she is everything to me.”


“Are you sure about this already?” her mom asked her.

“Yes, mom. I love him.”

“But his parents are the owners of the mine where your dad died. It was their fault that we don’t have your dad today.”

She looked at her mom and smiled softly. “It’s not really his fault. He’s different, mom. You know this. You’ve seen how he is. Plus, he is not his parents. Do you know that he threw his inheritance away just to be with me?” 

“But then – how would you live? How would he provide for you? How could both of you even survive?”

“Don’t worry, mom. He told me he has several businesses outside of his parents’ mining industry that are solely his. And that he has enough savings for us to start a family of our own,” she explained then held her mother’s hand. “Please, mom. I don’t think I could live without him.  I love him too much. Just like you love dad…”

Her mother sighed. Then finally looked up at her and smiled. “All right. You both can have my blessing. Just don’t forget to visit me here, ok? I will be lonely without my only daughter around.”

She hugged her mom tight, tears starting to form at the corner of her eyes. “I love you, mom. Thank you for understanding.”


Looking back, he smiled wistfully, glad that all of that was already over and that they were finally here, together. Here in Lake Annecy, France – married to each other and honeymooning like the newlyweds that they were.

Together. Forever.

“What are you smiling about? Are you thinking of something again?”

He looked down at her, staring at her questioning eyes and smiling wider. “Seulement vous.”

“What?” she asked, wrinkling her nose, not understanding what he just said.

He chuckled. “Only you, babe. Only you. I love you.”

She snuggled in his embrace further. “Je t’aime aussi,” she said softly. “You’re not the only one who learned a few French words along the way, love.”

He laughed his full-on laugh this time around, making her smile and chuckle as well. “God, I love you. And I’m glad we’re in this together.”


“Yes,” he whispered, sealing his affirmation with a kiss. “Forever.”


This was my entry for I, Explore – a new book by teamSMH over at Wattpad which veered away from our usual erotica stuff.  I also published this as a one-shot on my own Wattpad Account (come find me over there: @wuthie16)

The challenge was to write something fluffy with a minimum of 2000 words, max of 3000 with these five prompts which needed to be in the story – apple, teddy bear, moon, boat and terrorist. I think I reached 2900 words with this story.

This story could be MaiChard (AlDub to some) in an AU setting.  Or not really, and just let it remain as a short story since no names were mentioned anywhere in this one-shot.

Let me know your thoughts.  Tweet me or comment below.  I’m at @wuthie16 over at Twitter!  Come drop by and be my friend!

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One Sweet Dusk

This was originally written back in 2007 after my husband (then boyfriend) proposed to me.  He knew I loved the beach so this little short was inspired by what he did for me then. 🙂 I re-wrote it and changed some items in it just to keep it updated.  What do you think? 🙂


Friday Night.  It was a nice night. The sky was clear. The sun was just setting, the moon was just rising out and little stars so far away started twinkling in their own innocent right.

We were driving home along the 101 freeway.  No traffic.  Few cars.  Just him and me with the wind whipping in our hair, because of the open windows, as we sped along the freeway.  We just came from an event at downtown LA.  We were so tired that we even declined an invite to go to another concert with VIP passes over at Anaheim. We thought it was too far and we would be home late if we go so we just said, “We’re tired and we’ll just go next time.”

So there we were, driving.  And as we were nearing the exit towards my house, I told him, “Hun, we’re a mile and a quarter away from Tampa. Go right.”  He nodded once and I thought he heard me.  But then, when the exit was just a quarter mile away, he still didn’t go right to supposedly exit and actually passed our supposed exit.  I turned to look at him incredulously when he looked right back and just smiled sheepishly.  I asked where we were going but he just shrugged and said that he had a shortcut to my house and that I didn’t need to worry.  I shrugged then and turned up the volume of the CD we were listening to.  I rested my head back, closed my eyes and suddenly, I was dozing off.

I didn’t know how long I was asleep for till I felt him shaking me slightly awake.  I heard him say, “Hunny, wake up.  We’re here.”  I surely thought that “here” was my house but when I opened my eyes, I saw and heard differently.  I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped me when I realized where we were.

We were parked by the beach.  The sun was already setting but it was still light out as the moon was rising up.  He took me to Malibu Beach, one of the beaches I love in Southern California.  I grinned up at him and he smiled back lovingly.  He was simply full of surprises.  He knew I love the beach so much.  Whichever beach actually, but he knew that I loved Malibu the best.

I heard the waves crashing along the shore, the birds and some seagulls twittering above us.  I heard the laughter of some other people that were still soaking up the last rays of the sun and enjoying the little waves the beach provided.  He looked at me then extended his hand for me to take.  I held his hand and he smiled once more.  “Let’s go,” he said.

Once alongside the beach, I kicked off my flip flops and ran barefoot across the sand towards the small waves, the cold water tickling my feet when it slowly approached.  I walked and skipped along the water, letting the waves roll over my feet.  He was laughing at my childishness, I knew.  I just had to grin at him for doing this for me.

Slowly, he approached me as I was looking out at the horizon and embraced me from behind, his chin resting on my shoulders, my hands automatically going around his arms that were on my waist.  We both breathed deeply and inhaled the sea air, smiling serenely at the romantic scenery we were experiencing.

After a while of comfortable silence, he released me from his embrace and gently took my hand.  We walked alongside the beach occasionally looking at each other and giving each other loving smiles.  We didn’t need words to communicate what we were feeling.  Everything was said through those smiles that we exchanged.  Cheesy?  I didn’t care.  I was happy.  I was loved.  And everything felt right.

When we both grew tired of walking along the beach and had our fill of the sea breeze and the waves crashing on our feet, we decided to finally, this time, really go home.  I squeezed his hand on our way back to the car.  He looked at me and arched his eyebrow, questioning me.  I just whispered, “Thank you”  and all was said in those two little words that I uttered.  He squeezed my hand back, pulled me gently towards him and kissed me on my forehead.

And then we drove off into the clear night sky.  Never forgetting what that night entailed.



Originally written on August 08, 2007
Edited and reposted on July 07, 2016

Poems and Stories

When I Look At You

You came into my life unexpectedly.
I never expected love to pass by me,
I never expected to love and be loved in return,
I never expected

When I look at you, I see the stars
Shining in your eyes
As they reflect the brightness of your soul
That when you look at me
I feel complete. Content. Loved.

When I see you smile back at me,
I see endless joy and happiness.
Your smile takes out the gloominess
That used to hang around my head.
My heart, no longer filled with dread
Because you had me freed.

Your hand as they latched onto mine
The warmth it exudes,
The softness of your palms
The connection that you offer
When you squeeze and hold
Never letting go.

When I gaze at you, I see forever
I see us growing old together
I see you with white hair, walking beside me
By the sea, as the waves touch our feet
Our hands still entwined
Your smile still, always – mine.