Father’s Day 💛

You may not be perfect but you’re still the best dad that our kids have. Thank you for being their dad. It’s not easy, I know, but I also see how much you give and do for them and how much you love them, us. We love you back, gazillions of times. 💛 Happy Father’sContinue reading “Father’s Day 💛”

When I Look At You

You came into my life unexpectedly. I never expected love to pass by me, I never expected to love and be loved in return, I never expected You. When I look at you, I see the stars Shining in your eyes As they reflect the brightness of your soul That when you look at meContinue reading “When I Look At You”

The Exact Day

I don’t really remember the exact day Of when I fell for you. But I do remember the first time You smiled at me, Eyes wide and shining; That shy smile that changed My world. I don’t remember the exact day When I realized I was already yours. But I do remember that time YouContinue reading “The Exact Day”

Coffee (A Poem)

I am sitting here Alone with just my coffee Sipping it slightly Waiting for you. I smile out of the blue When you come rushing through the door, In a whirlwind of robust colors. You stand there for a moment Looking around Until your eyes find mine; The world simply stops And suddenly – it’sContinue reading “Coffee (A Poem)”

AMACon :)

I am currently writing a story for a fandom event over at Twitter that we call the #AMACon (AlDub – MaiChard Author Convention).  It’s a fic exchange between different authors and writers from the AlDub/MaiChard fandom.  There’s 52 writers who joined and were invited, me included.  Each writer is partnered up with another one andContinue reading “AMACon :)”

To Dance

As you pull me into your arms, Look into my eyes – With such adoration and love, I melt. Whenever I stare at you When your arms tighten around me, I am once again reminded… Of how it’s always going to be You and me. Your gaze softens, As they slide down – Towards myContinue reading “To Dance”