Bridge to Terabithia by Gabor Csupo

For those who haven’t read the book – we were lead to believe that this is another fantasy, kid-adventure kind of film (sort of like Narnia). Of course, that was not what was shown in the movie. In that case – I’d like to say only two words: false advertising. The film was still fantasticallyContinue reading “Bridge to Terabithia by Gabor Csupo”

Music and Lyrics by Marc Lawrence

I know I’ve watched this ages ago (and I know I said I’m anti-valentine but hey – can’t one enjoy a good movie even on Valentine’s day? Sheesh. And just for all of you to know – I didn’t watch this on a date. I watched it alone.) – but I haven’t gotten the chanceContinue reading “Music and Lyrics by Marc Lawrence”

Nakakabobong mga Pakiwari

Gusto ko lang matulog ngayon.  Matulog ng panghabang panahon.  Pagod na ako.  Pagod na pagod. Ayaw ko ng makita pa.  Ang mga bagay-bagay sa aking paligid.  Ang mga bagay-bagay na nagbibigay ng kagulumihanan sa aking pag-iisip. Maaari bang isara ang tenga?  Sa mga naririnig na hindi maganda? Nais ko lang ng katahimikan.  Kahit sandali lang.Continue reading “Nakakabobong mga Pakiwari”

STRANDED (A one-shot fanfiction)

(I’m a big fan of Harry Potter.  And this is one result of that.  I write fanfiction about them just for the heck of it.  And don’t kill me if I look delusional in this particular story since I’m shipping a different ship than what is canon.  So forgive me, but this is the ship that IContinue reading “STRANDED (A one-shot fanfiction)”

Norbit by Brian Robbins

I wouldn’t recommend this to anybody who is looking for a good laugh in the movies. The trailer that this movie provided was so misleading. If you’ve seen the trailer first, it would have been so appealing for you to watch. But as you see the film, then you would definitely just get disappointed. WeContinue reading “Norbit by Brian Robbins”