Father’s Day 💛

You may not be perfect but you’re still the best dad that our kids have. Thank you for being their dad. It’s not easy, I know, but I also see how much you give and do for them and how much you love them, us. We love you back, gazillions of times. 💛 Happy Father’sContinue reading “Father’s Day 💛”

AMACon :)

I am currently writing a story for a fandom event over at Twitter that we call the #AMACon (AlDub – MaiChard Author Convention).  It’s a fic exchange between different authors and writers from the AlDub/MaiChard fandom.  There’s 52 writers who joined and were invited, me included.  Each writer is partnered up with another one andContinue reading “AMACon :)”

Prompted Poems and Haikus

So a friend over at Twitter (Ninna at @ninnabautista if you want to check out her Twitter) prompted a lot of us with one-word prompts last night and we had to make a line, a convo or a poem or a haiku based on that one-word prompt in 140 characters or less.  That was theContinue reading “Prompted Poems and Haikus”

When I cannot think

I’m over at Wattpad trying to write a new chapter for a fanfic that I’m doing but no words would come to mind.  I have the plot outlined in my head but for some reason – words escape me.  There are too many things running around my head right now that I think it’s overlappingContinue reading “When I cannot think”

My MaiChard ship is sailing…

This is the first time I would write about this LoveTeam that I’ve been shipping for quite some time now.  They are now being called The Phenomenal Love Team used to be ALDUB (for ALden and Yaya DUB, the characters on Eat Bulaga’s KalyeSerye) now turned MAICHARD (MAIne and RiCHARD – their real names). (ArtworkContinue reading “My MaiChard ship is sailing…”

Random Truths…

I care about what other people say or think about me. I want to fit in but never could. I regret letting go of my dream early on. I envy a lot of people, some of which are family and friends. I don’t forgive and forget easily. I would forgive but not forget. There isContinue reading “Random Truths…”